Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Beginnings

A new year has dawned upon us again, and at this stage I'm thankful for the excitement that is in my spirit. 

There is always something incredible about a new year, it's like the delectable aroma that oozes from freshly baked bread, or hearing a new song that makes your spirit fly, or meeting your nieces son for the first time or facing a wave in the ocean and then diving under it. 

A new year always brings that sense of new beginnings. 

Even though we are only hitting the middle of January, and I have already faced some fierce storms, I still believe that this is going to be our best year yet. 

We begin Ambleside Online's year 6 and I must say, as I open each package from the mail, and see the books that we are going to be reading this year, I'm filled with such child like anticipation, that I can hardly contain myself. 

I'm looking forward to learning, growing and having discussions with my children as we meet new people through these pages, and discover something new in history, of science, of someones life and how we can develop ideas. 

What a plethora of new beginnings we are about to embrace. 

I'm glad to share this journey with you. 


  1. AO Year 6 is such a great spread. Enjoy the feast.

    1. Thank you Carol, always great to hear from you.


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