Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back into the swing of things.

This week we are heading into week 6 of term 2 AO5, after two weeks off. I'm feeling ready and prepared to face the next 6 weeks with fresh vigour. 
What an extraordinary blessing it is to help educate the little persons in our worlds. Well they're not so little anymore, as a matter of fact I think my 14yo son has just grown taller than me. 

We press on, knowing this is our destiny. 
Life is hard and challenging at times, but we press on. 
Life is not all about English, Grammar and Maths. 
It's about knowing you are made and loved by the creator of this universe. I think when one truly grasps this truth, you are freed to become all that you were destined to be. 

We were recently away at a Christian conference, and I sensed God whispering and reminding me of Charlotte Masons motto-
I am
I can
I ought
I will. 
So today I have written them up, and I am going to say these words out loud with my kids everyday.



Words are so powerful.

I heard a quote- 'Words are not just used to communicate but to create'. I love this, as it reminds me that God used words to bring this phenomenal universe into existence. 
It's something that is vital in our home schooling atmosphere. To use words that create dreams, life and encouragement. 


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