Monday, March 11, 2013

More than a bookmark!

Do any of you own one of these very
cool thin line savvy dictionaries?

If you don't I just wanted to share this with you.

My son received one for his 12th birthday from a friend we 
made whilst in Williamstown last year.

I had never laid eyes on one! 

They are fabulous! 

While I am here, I'll take an extra minute to tell you we have some people who are really, really, keen to buy our property and I am really trying to stay calm, cool & collected, but I am finding putting those three C's into practise is quite difficult as I am a human and not a robot! 

We are waiting upon the Lord knowing that He has an appointed time and we just have to rest, and keep the place clean & ready!

We are into our 4th week of AO year 3 and loving it. Children are so amazing in how they adapt to a routine.

We start our days with Training Hearts, Training Minds - based on the shorter Catechism and we are loving this devotion. My children read the scriptures for that day and it is a great opening to learning.

After reading two chapters of 'The Heroes' by Charles Kingsley, I have decided not to go any further until I can understand Miss Mason's reasons for teaching Greek Mythology and I have replaced this book with 'Heaven's Heroes', one I had in my library.

We have been enjoying listening to The Wiggles version of the 'Gypsy rover' (AO3's term folksong). I have always loved Greg's vocals and he really sings this lovely, plus you can really understand the words.

In my own time (which is after 9pm) I am reading 'Loving our kids on purpose' and have found some answers to what I have been praying about. It came to a big shock to me to have discovered that my children's attitudes and problems are not my problems. 

HA, I can hear people say, 'I could of told you that', but you see, I have felt the weight of responsibility when my children quarrel, have attitudes, answer back, not obey immediately to my requests. I have given them some control when I am quick to anger and yell at them, and they know that.

Just making them accountable to their wrong choices has made me so much more relaxed in my soul, Praise God!

I could go on, but this post was only meant to be short & sweet. 

So I'll love and leave you for another day to go and start preparing dinner - Satay chicken with rocket salad. 

 Love Sarah 


  1. Satay chicken here too... just about to dish up :-)

    Can I ask what made you decide to change books?

    Much excitement on the property front... will be 'staying tuned'!

  2. Sarah, it sounds as though your year is off with a blast! We are beginning to look forward to the first break already here. Mmmmm spag bol here tonight but I love Satay chicken and will be thinking about that now. Maybe later in the week for us.
    Have a great week and I hope all goes well with the sale, Lord willing.

  3. We loved The Heroes. It was a great foundation to Greek Mythology that we need for things like Plutarch and our ancients year this year. It was good for Jemimah to understand the types of things the people around Christ believed when he was with us. I have learned a lot by this study, and The Heroes introduced them in a simple entertaining way. It brings things like the temple in Ephesus alive in a way I wouldn't believe.

    I'm sorry it hasn't worked for you.

    1. I have stopped at this stage as I am unsure to Miss Masons reasons for studying Greek Mythology in a deep way, and as I felt unsettled about it, I have put the book aside for now. I'm happy to hear other views.

  4. It came to a big shock to me to have discovered that my children's attitudes and problems are not my problems.

    This is very true but still hard when they are older. My 20 year makes poor choices and it causes me grief and heartache. Teaching them that they are responsible for their actions is so important later in life. So keep it up as it will pay off later.

    Prayers in regard to the sale of your property.

    Blessings for the coming week:)

  5. We love the "Training Hearts, Training Minds", what a great way to start the day!
    Where are you hoping to move?....sorry, I am not up to speed on that!

  6. Sarah, so good to hear that news about your property, I will be praying. Satay chicken sounds delish! I couldn't get into the heroes when I was trying to prereqd it for Rebekah. Different reason to yours but I understand where you're coming from :)

  7. Training Hearts and Training Minds! Great book! And, a good reminder post for me to open the spin of it up again! Thank You, Sarah!

    I hope you have good news on your property soon!

  8. Hi Sarah!
    We haven't read Kingsley's "Heroes" but did read D'Aulaires' book of Greek Myths. There was no lack of adventure and learning. Seeing the gluttony, lies, and other vices of the Greek "deities" seemed to only underscore the perfection of our Saviour and the fact that we worship the One true God. This is just our experience though.

    Though we've never met, I've always been impressed with the discerning comments you make. I'm sure the Shepherd's voice is the one you will continue to recognize and follow.

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