Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A quote to break my blogging drought.

3. Stop Idolizing Humans

There is only one perfect role model for any of us to follow, 

and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We can and should learn from other parents/teachers, but we 

should not assume that our families must look like theirs, or 

that what works for them will work for us.

Hello my blogging pals. I have just been reading this article here (hence the quote above) and have found it quite an interesting read and thought provoking. 

The quote above is so true, and once we come to that place of not comparing our children with theirs or comparing our skills to theirs, we find our niche and freedom that God has given us. 

I can truly sit here today and confess that God has brought me to a place of confidence in Him and our home school. I no longer compare my children to other children but completely accept where they are at in their learning and I ask God for His wisdom at every sunrise to teach, guide and love my children as He would want me to.

Is home schooling hard? YES
Do I mess up? YES
Do I raise my voice at times? YES
Do I love my children? YES
Do I love home schooling? YES
Do I love learning along with my children? YES
Do I have it all together? NO
Am I there yet? NO

One of my favourite quotes that one of my mentors always says is-

"I'm not where I need to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be."

Well I just have to say, how good it feels to write again. It has been one long and hard season for me, but I believe there has been a shift in my trial and it's like a bubble has burst and the plug has been pulled out. 

It's awesome! 

Thank you Jesus! 


  1. Oh, I love it when you write. Totally agree with what you write here. xxx

  2. Interesting article you linked to Sarah. It took me years to be myself and not worry about the opinion of others & I still have to watch it. Looking forward to you posting!

    1. Yes, I still have to not fall into the temptation of comparison. Thank you Carol.


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