Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ambleside online rumblings

It is with great satisfaction to write that my children & I are in a functional rhythm with the Ambleside curriculum. 

It has taken five years for me to develop good habits of reading, composer study, art study, poetry, Shakespeare and all the other wonderful tasty and delicious subjects that make up a Charlotte Mason Education.

My children do not know any different, and it is a way of life for them to have these subjects everyday.

I find it remarkable that I can have a good political conversation with my 9yo daughter, who happens to be interested in our government and the ins and outs of it all. I know this is fruit from reading good literature and also from a lot of family time together discussing events around our world from a Christian perspective. 

I love that our literature readings have become the most important in our day. I completely believe that the best way for my children's vocabulary, comprehension, english, & spelling to expand is only through lots of reading and narrating.

I use to wonder how I could possibly fit all the readings and everything else in our week, but step by step and adding little by little it all comes together like a beautiful colorful tapestry. 

Sorry if this is a bit boring, but I just wanted to journal my thoughts at this time in our journey.

Thanks for reading. 

Is there anything you would like me to expand on? I would be more than happy to oblige. 

My beloved husband has interrupted me, begging me to come for a walk on the beach to finish this exquisite afternoon. 

What do you think? Should I go?  

My 13yo son has gone luderick fishing and my 9yo daughter is about to go fishing also with her Nana and Uncle. So it looks like it's going to be just my husband & I. 

p.s over the weekend my husband & I were very proud of our son for winning the junior fishing competition for weighing in the longest and heaviest bream. (a bit of MUM brag...hehe)


  1. No! Not boring in the slightest! Yay for your young fishing champ!

  2. Sarah... boring? Not at all. It was loving, reassuring, a pleasure to read... Congrats to your son, and ditto to everything you say.
    You always inspired us.

  3. It's actually very refreshing to converse with a 9 year old on politics. Ours watched the federal budget with her dad last night. I was pathetically ignorant of politics up until I got married. Good to read you have found a routine that works well for you.


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