Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Processing Education

educate |ˈejəˌkāt|
verb [ with obj. ]

give intellectual, moral, and social instruction 

Towards the end of December and into January my mind begins to be consumed with preparing myself for the coming new year of home education. 

I start researching more intensely, looking for inspiration, trying to get level headed about why I began this journey in the first place. 

In my spirit I have a firm foundation, my reasons for homeschooling are very firm, and everything I read always reassures me of that. 

But because I have a mind I still need to build on that foundation, I need to continually source all my strength from God and trust Him completely, even when the prominent voice around me is anti homeschooling. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was out and about in my local community talking with a lady (who is also a local) who I have a strong connection with. Anyway she told me that somebody else locally warned her of me because I home school my children. 

She just thought that was funny and absurd, and went on to tell me that because this other person is giving out warnings it made her wonder what sort of person that person is. 

But to be honest, it annoyed me inside my heart, I know that a lot of people are ignorant and just lack knowledge and understanding of what true education is, but it just bothers me that people can't approach me themselves and just talk it over. 

I cannot stand dishonesty. 

But then I am reminded that I am subject to the same weaknesses because I am human also, so forgiveness is the best door, for I have been forgiven also.

These two articles - Here and Here have inspired me to write this blog post.

If you have time they are worth a read. 

At the top of this post is the definition of education. 

That is the sole purpose of what I am trying to achieve in my children. 

Well really it's not about me trying to achieve, it is my responsibility when I decided to be a parent to instill these qualities in my offspring. 

The challenge is though, do I possess those qualities? Am I portraying those actions in front of my children? 

A quote I often hear is - 

What our children learn is 'Caught and not taught'.

It's simple, if I am not doing what I am saying to my children, they will likely mimic my behaviour more than what is coming out of my mouth. 

How can I expect my children to do something, if I am not doing the very thing myself?

So everyday I come before God and ask Him to search my heart, I ask Him for His wisdom, I want to grow in His knowledge and understanding, I was to be educated by the Lord, so I read His word the Bible and I ask Him for the strength to carry out what He says to do. 

I rely on Jesus for EVERYTHING. 

I want my children to do the same.

I want my children to make morally correct decisions. I want them to know the difference between right and wrong. I want them to be influential citizens in our community because they know right and wrong. 

How do I teach all this?

By demonstrating these very qualities myself.

Who we are in the home, behind closed doors is who we really are, and that is who our children see everyday.

I want to be a person of integrity and hope that my children be persons of integrity. 

I want to speak words of life and encouragement and hope that my children will choose to speaks words of encouragement. 

I want to create an atmosphere of learning in my home and hope that my children will always carry an atmosphere of learning wherever the Lord leads them. 

Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”

- Charlotte Mason


  1. So beautiful. You inspire me, Sarah, friend.

  2. Lovely and encouraging. Thankyou. xo

  3. Beautiful words from a sister with a beautiful heart for The Lord.

  4. I don't understand why some people see the need to "warn" others. I grew up in the country and this would occur when someone was found to be "different" Quick to judge others. Very sad. I pray that the school year ahead goes well.

  5. Love it Sarah! The article links were interesting as well.

    I have a similar situation going on here. I have a military neighbor who does not approve of homeschoolers so she "warns" all the new neighbors when they move in who homeschools. I happen to be living between two homeschool families as well. When the new homeschool family moved in next to me, the lady who is against it gave her the information on me and the other next door homeschool family. What the new homeschool family Mother did was not tell the lady, who is against homeschoolers, until much later that she herself homeschooled! To say that it is not a fun situation to deal with is an understatement!

  6. 'she told me that somebody else locally warned her of me because I home school my children.' It's almost comical! I know it's hard to hear stuff like that and the right thing for her to have done would have been to talk to you not your friend. Take heart, she must have thought you were an influential person.

  7. I come late to comment, but I also feel so inspired by you... are you taking a blogging break? I see pics of you and your lovely family at FB.
    Take care and enjoy your vacation.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Silvia! It wasn't a blogging break but a blogging drought! :) Might of just broken it!


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