Thursday, October 31, 2013

Enjoying the quiet

I'm sitting here on my bed delighting in the sound the wind is making with our cocos palm trees outside my window. 

Yes, that means it is quiet and peaceful in my home at the moment. My daughter has gone to stay at Nana's for the evening & my son is somewhere inventing something!

 Isn't it amazing how much you can enjoy the sounds of nature when it is quiet?

When I was young, I could never understand why my Mum liked the quiet, now I do! 

Quietness can be hard to attain as a homeschooling family.

What sort of things do you do to create quiet time? 
Do you think it is necessary? 

I really believe quiet time is important in such a busy & fast paced generation. I know it's when I hear the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit, instructing, encouraging, comforting and teaching me the things The Lord wants me to learn. 

I know people who cannot stand to be without noise, because they don't like being left with their own thought patterns or memories, so they make sure their is always some sort of noise to distract their mind.

There are a few verses from the bible that is coming to my mind about quietness, and they are-

Be still, and know that I am God; - Psalm 46:10

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me 

beside the still waters. - Psalm 23:2

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from 

him. - Psalm 62:5

I am so grateful for God's peace that passes all my understanding and to be honest, I just don't think I would cope with life without Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Anyway, on the homeschooling front, we have 5 weeks left before we finish Ambleside year 3. 

Does anyone know a really cool website where they have science experiments that you could send me to? 

What are you all up to?


  1. .Oh Sarah, that sounds so serene! I know that feeling of needing quiet and feeling far from God. Remember that He also says "I will gently lead those with young." He knows the season you are in. I know I felt relieved when all my children had grown enough to not follow me everywhere, every moment. But then, a new season came upon us, and I had my adult daughter and four small, noisy adventure children underfoot....24/7. Phew, there were days when I would flop into bed and sigh, "Lord, give me strength" and that was all. Now, in the blink of an eye, I am often, too often, here on my own. Yes, I love the peace and the opportunities it offers but I have yet to learn how to use it properly. Like you, I could not survive without my Lord Jesus. Help us Lord to redeem our time wisely. Great to read here again, Sarah. xx

  2. Once the children leave home there is lots of quiet moments as I have found this year. However my gorgeous kitty makes up for children by "chatting" to me:))) and I chat back to her! In this chapter of my life I have far more spare time and can enjoy my own hobbies which is far more difficult when the children were young. Have a lovely week ahead :)))


  3. Don't get me wrong, I am soaking up every moment with my children, with my son turning 13 next month, time is flying by very quickly. I am grateful to God for the rest He provides even amongst the wonderful busyness. :)

  4. Yes, I agree, a time of quiet is so important to rest and hear God:) I have a quiet time in the mornings before Rebekah wakes up and even for a bit after as I've trained her to spend time in her room reading her bible etc. Enjoy your last few weeks of AO3!


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