Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seeking Help for new home schooling families

Here on my bed I just thought of a wonderful idea, that will help add to a list that I am compiling to help Mums who want to venture into home schooling. 

In my community there are quite a few families who are wanting more information on home schooling. 

So I thought I would write a list on an email covering these categories-
  • top home schooling websites, 
  • where to start, 
  • how to know what flavour you are,
  • laws of the land
  • first steps to take
  • setting up your home for a learning environment
So, my great idea is, YOU!!! 

You my friend could share maybe two of your favourite websites that you would send a new Mum seeking to know more about homeschooling. 

What books would you encourage a person new to home schooling to read?

What would be your encouragement and word of wisdom to them?

Where would you tell them to start?

This is going to be very exciting. 

If you could, would you please share this post with other home schooling bloggers that you know who could enrich this list.

Thank you so much in advance, you beautiful people! 

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.


  1. I'm going to give this some thought, Sarah. I may get back to you if I get my head together. You have a great idea and I hope it is very profitable.

  2. Great idea, but sadly I can't help you. All the very best.

    Blessings for the week ahead.


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