Monday, November 25, 2013

Banksias & Bilbies - A book review

The other day my daughter, my mother & I went on an op shop brawl in our local township. Browsing through the 50c special on books, I discovered the above book 
'Banksias & Bilbies'.

The book on top I took from my laptop camera, hence the backward writing, and the next photo is one I found in google images, just so you my readers can view this delightful cover properly, because I love you.

The illustrations are delectable. 

Have a look-

Sorry about the backwards writing!

This marvelous nature book I personally wouldn't class as a 'living book' but more like an Australian yearly time line. 

The naturalist gives a brief weekly overview of just some of the happenings in nature during the specific month.

There is also room for your very own naturalist to draw and add their own discoveries for the month.

I am thrilled to be adding this to our Australian Natural History shelf for AO year 4 next year.

All for 50c! 

You can find a copy here and here  



  1. Bargain! We use it as a reference book when we go on nature walks:) Enjoy!

  2. I love looking for second hand books and finding them at bargain prices is even better. Have a lovely week.


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