Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tennis fever

Here is a little something you may not know about me, I LOVE TENNIS. I love watching and playing this game. 

All you who are not fans I can hear you grumble right now, but I still love you. 

So the Australian open only goes for two weeks and I love that it coincides with our summer break and I can lay around if I like to watch some of the players that I really enjoy and drink tea.

My 12yo son & I are gearing up for tonight's big game! 

I have been busy putting together our schedule for term 1 of our Australian Ambleside online going between AO's website and Jeanne's wonderful Australianised AO curriculum.  

I am half way through Marius in the incredible novel Le Mis and I really didn't like reading so many of my friends status's on facebook about the movie as I am in a remote community where I will not be able to see this in the cinemas, but I am over that fact now and I am just enjoying the novel.

Bye for now lovely folk, I am off to make a cup of English breakfast, grab Les Miserable, sit in this sublime rocking chair...

...and enjoy the tennis. But before I do I have a card game (May I) to finish with my 8yo daughter. 

Anybody else have a love for the game?


  1. I love tennis, but I cannot play it, I only watch it... and even, since I am in the USA without tv, I stopped watching the tournaments.

    We have tennis stars in my birth country, Spain! I have always loved it.

    Le Mis, how people call this now... hey, you do not miss anything, IMO. Just the book and the PLAY, that yes. I loved the production they put in Spain like the French and English one in the nineties.

    1. Yes Silvia, it's a bit lazy really writing 'Le Mis', I am going to fix it now. I can't wait to see the production one day.

  2. Enjoy the wonderful tennis. I have been very busy and too tired for it. Never was much of a player but love to watch it. Planning to see les Miserables on Tues but haven't read or seen it so it is all novel for me.

    1. Looking forward to hearing how you like Les Miserables.

  3. I'm coming to this late but yes I don't play it but like watching it when I can (usually the aust open) as its in our time zone:)


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