Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On Faith & how it birthed in my life

Faith living has transformed my life.

It began in the year of 1995, I was 15 and dropped out half way through year 11, I was stoned nearly every day, I hung out on the streets trying to help all the other drop out kids, I was winning billiard games to make money, I was consumed with protecting my two nieces and nephew and I was travelling the wide road that leads to death and destruction yet I was completely oblivious to that fact. 

Through all this I had a very close relationship with my Mum who I went to about everything and listened to all that she said. Mum always had a way of saying words that made life crystal clear.

One day I remember driving in the car with my Mum on our way home to Torquay and Mum questioned me about any drug use and I lied to my Mum for the first time and it was at that moment that I felt that speck in my eye and that squeeze in my conscience about the way I was living.

After that a series of events took place and looking back now it's clear that it was all God's grace reaching out to me.

In a nutshell here are some of the events - a man was shot where I was playing billiard, some close friends at the time were in real gangs and I saw the stabbing, I fainted due to drug use and lost my front teeth, I saw demonic spirits when I wasn't stoned and was wondering what on earth was going on.

It was one evening I was on my own babysitting my sisters children, I was straight, I had given them dinner, bathed them and put the three to bed. I grabbed a beer out of the fridge, sat down on the couch, lit up a cigarette and put on the TV. I was half way through the cigarette when a commercial for a church event came on and I distinctively remember thinking 'what a lame ad to represent God'.

Now remember I was completely straight, I never used any drug substance when I was baby sitting, but right after I thought that thought, it was like a wind came into the living room, a brightness that made the room light up and a warmness that reached through my mess and a gentle voice spoke to me and this is what He said-

"If Jesus returned right now would I go to heaven"?

Then as quickly as He came, He had gone. I sat staring at my half smoked ciggy and half drunk beer and I felt the weight of sin, guilt and shame turn in my soul.

The scales dropped off my eyes and I pulled my hair really hard (as you do) to make sure I was awake and alive.

Then I ran to the phone and guess who I rang, yes my Mum! I told her everything that had just happened and that I desperately needed to go to church. 

So I went home and went to the very next youth service in Geelong that was called Teen Rock.

I walked in with my mask in hand trying to hide my mess but there was one who was not fooled by my mask, there was one I could not hide from, there was one who saw me sitting in the huge crowd. I had made up my mind that I was not going to break my reputation and walk out the front in front of hundreds of youth to commit my life to Jesus. 

Well somehow I was no longer on my seat for the presence that I felt and the love of Jesus had such a powerful pull that I didn't want to run away anymore. 

That day my faith journey began. 

I felt Jesus' love wash over me as if I was standing under a waterfall. I wept and wept and said to the Lord, 'I give you my heart and life Jesus, I don't know you or trust you yet, but if you can do something with my life, I'm yours.'

Now 18 years later I sit here typing this with an eternally grateful attitude about that day and that decision I made. I know my Lord Jesus, He is my Father, my healer, my comforter, my teacher, the lifter of my head, the rock I stand on during all circumstances, I know that He is faithful. 

So today I continue to do as this scripture says...

...for there is no other way to live.

Love Sarah


  1. Beautiful~ Praise to our great God that he has called you and he will bring you to glory!!

  2. What an amazing God we serve! Great to read your story, Sarah.

  3. I had a horrible life before I was baptized as a christian at the age of 27. I did not use drugs, or did I? Because I also smoked and drunk, and I hung up with the wrong crowd too. It was horrible, I saw friends also doing bad, even dying. By the time I came to the States and met my husband, I also saw the devil presence in my life and I knew I had to submit to Him. I remember saying, and I still do, how come He preserved me from all the pain and consequences that could have marred my life before becoming a christian.

    I am glad your life changed.



  4. I love testimonies and seeing the power of Christ to change a life. It's amazing how the Spirit will call us, chase after us, convict us and then come to dwell within us.

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging story of how Jesus changed your life!

  5. Praise GOD for His hand in your life and saving your soul.

    (Followed Mindy over)

  6. Thank you for your beautiful testimony. Yes, it is a much more peaceful life when we put our faith in God. It's the "patience" thing I'm still waiting on. (grin)
    (followed Mindy too)


  7. What a beautiful post - thankyou for sharing. I too, had a very troubled background, and it's amazing at times to look back and see just how far I have come. There's still a long way to go, but it's absolutely amazing when your eyes have been opened and you see how God has worked in your life. May God bless you.

  8. Praise The Lord that you were saved and now follow his path;) blessing for the weekend.

  9. Wow! Praise God Sarah! Thanks for sharing your testimony! Powerful!

  10. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. What a mighty God we serve. Thankful that salvation is His job!


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