Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's happening?

Well I am sure glad that we are heading into a couple of weeks break from formal schooling.
Here is what has been happening -

  • We are loving Melbourne and truly making the most of it. My family and I are somewhat Collingwood (AFL) fan freaks and we love watching the game.

We happened to be blessed with AWESOME seats where the atmosphere was so intense and epic last week.

  • A very good blogging pal blessed me with her ballet ticket and it was my first time EVER to go the the Australian ballet, and being a lover of dance I was mesmerized. I became immediately addicted and as a family (my husband, 11yo son & 8yo daughter) are going this Thursday evening to see Swan Lake. My children & I have been reading the Russian folktales where Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky drew his inspiration to compose swan lake, we are all most excited! 

  • Last term my daughter and I read Pinocchio and we are so excited to be seeing this classic story in theatre this Saturday, will let you know how it goes.

  • Last term we finished reading:
- The Little Duke
- The Wind in the Willows
- Leif the Lucky
- Sea Caves - Colin Thiele -(Joshua)
- Pinocchio (Grace)

  • We are currently reading:
- James & the giant peach (Joshua)
- Adventures of the wishing chair (Grace)
- The Burgess animal book
- An Island Story
- A child's history of the world
- Understood Betsy (online)

*We are all LOVING these books!*

  • Whilst in Melbourne both of my children have been doing gymnastics once a week, which has been terrific, skills that you can do almost anywhere once you have learnt the tricks.
So even though we are making the most of our time here in the beautiful city of Melbourne I am now having sea and sand withdrawals, I cannot WAIT to breathe in the sea air soon.


  1. LOL... you all look so gorgeous. What a fun trip, and I am quite jealous, no, I am truly JOYFUL you are all doing this.

    We are enjoying much the same books here too!

    My husband, from the isle of Malta, is like you. He misses the sea, when he does we go to Galveston, an hour and a half, and that makes it for him... and for us too!

  2. Lovely! Loved reading about what you're upto. Love the picture of you and your family too, it's gorgeous!

  3. Great reads. Glad you are having some fun! Blessings.

  4. Great family photo! I want to hear abou Pinochio production as the movie my children saw years again, none of us liked. Too weird and scary! Life looks wonderful Sarah. God bless you all.

  5. Cute pic :)

  6. Ditto Silvia, Rosemary and Ruby - I showed our staff at work and they called you 'gorgeous!'
    We're reading Colin Thiele at the moment as well -
    I know what you mean about the sea air. My shoulder's immediately relax when I get my first whiff of the salty air when we head to the coast.
    You have a beautiful family - I can see why you are Eternally Grateful Sarah.

  7. You have been busy reading, a great list.

    Every now and again I just want to see the sea as we don't live any were near it!! So I know what you mean:)))


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