Sunday, July 29, 2012

On Miss Potter

Beatrix Potter would be 146 years old today.

When I think of Miss Potter I think of all the animals that she brought to life. Her illustrations of our little animal friends would have to be my favourites.

My favourite stories are Jeremy Fisher, Peter Rabbit and Miss Moppet, but I really adore all of them.

It's interesting that she was home schooled and I think we all know and love one of her popular quotes - 

So thankful for wonderful stories like these and beautiful illustrations. 

What is your favourite character of Miss Potters?


  1. I love them all!!!
    P.s. love the new header picture!

  2. Ditto to Joyfulmum's comment! I don't remember Beatrix as a child but certainly delighted my children with them. The girls especially loved the whimsical characters.

  3. Have you read her life as it is very interesting. Her father encouraged her to love animals and make discoveries when out in nature. However when she grew up she didn't want to sit around and drink tea, like other well off Victorian ladies, she wanted to write and paint and she was determined to do it. So glad she did as she left this wonderful collection of characters. I always lived the naughty PeterRabbit but I also like the little hedgehog who ironed. Timeless.

  4. thank you Sarah for taking the time to comment on my blog :)
    We adore Miss Potter in our home - & we live very close to where she lived in the Lake District.
    I couldnt possibly chose a favourite character, but I do have a soft spot for Mrs Tiggywinkle :)


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