Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just a Poem

We love our children when they're good,
But when they're bad, in trouble,

For reasons barely understood
We love them almost double.

We love our children when they want
Affection and expect it,

And even more, those times they taunt
Our loving and reject it.

We love them when they make us cry
And when you'd think we daren't,

And no one knows the reason why,
Except another parent.

~Richard Armour


  1. What an amazing poem. It touches me. I have a son who is mentally ill. And just our 'lost' children ... far away in a psychiatric home, are so close to our hearts.

  2. Love the poem and the picture of your wonderful children!
    Children are so precious aren't they!

  3. It is a strange and precious love we have for our children! How much more amazing is God's love for his children!

  4. So true. Love the photo on the banner.

  5. Beautiful pics and words!


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