Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lamplighter books

Just now I have been listening to Lamplighter theatre on Vision radio network (100% Christian radio) and have been thoroughly inspired by what I was listening to and I wondered if they sold them as books.

So I googled the name and found the actual website and found that the answer to my question in YES! 

The audios are done very professionally and they have done extremely well with background music and noises that keeps your attention.

Last Christmas we listened to Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' also by Lamplighter theatre, it is thrilling.

I have now added these books to my wish list for 2013 as I believe that they will be beneficial to my children as they grow on this earth and live and learn how to live for Jesus in a growing generation that wants nothing to do with Him or His teachings.

Has anybody used these wonderful resources?


  1. I use their site often as a source to find great titles to read aloud. I can usually find the books for free via google books or gutenberg dot org. I have not had the pleasure of listening to them, however. I would love to!

  2. We do have a few of them. They are very inspiring and uplifting in many ways.

  3. Yes, We are apart of their book club. We get a book a month. I love the look of the books they are so wonderful and the stories are fabulous!

  4. Wow that is awesome that you all have/are using them. I'm looking forward to getting some books. :D

  5. Hi, I can't comment as I haven't heard of this publisher before. But thought I would stop by to say hello and hope you and your family were all going ok. Have a wonderful week. Blessings

    1. Hi Jo, helo to you too! We are doing well, heading to Melbourne in a weeks time for a few months. I have been reading your blog but for some reason cannot comment using firefox. Yesterday I downloaded Google Chrome, and am hoping I can comment. How are the wedding plans coming along? xxx

  6. 'A Christmas Carol" is very good book, despite the fact of it's age - some values never become old.


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