Friday, December 10, 2010

A tradionalist who loves change... who I am

For those of you who frequently visit this little space of the world wide web would know that I change the look of my blog often, maybe too often and I worry that it might secretly annoy one of you, but then I get over that. But I am at it again, if you didn't already notice, and I am still not satisfied!

Change is something that I have to do, otherwise I start to feel a little of what I did the day I entered into an underground mine, like all the walls are caving in on me and that is not a very nice sensation, actually it is horrid and I haven't returned to a cave since that happened to me.

I like to drive different ways into town, buy a different brand of milk, explore cooking different foods, sit at a different seat every time I go to church (when I am in Geelong anyhow), and there are lots more. Change keeps me from settling for status quo.

Don't you think it's a funny thing as you age the things you discover about yourself, what your really like?

As much as I love change I value certain traditions also in my heart, ones that I never want to let go of, like playing Evie at Christmas (hence the last post), teaching Hymns to my children, standing outside waving to any guests we have had until I can no longer see them (that is a BIG tradition in our family), and having an exquisite lunch on the 25th of December.

That is a tradition and there are lots of reasons why I could break it, but I don't want to, I love gathering around the table feasting with loved ones and anybody else who joins us, it's special, it's a joyous occasion remembering our Saviours birth, even though it's not the 'specific' date, I am free to dance, worship and celebrate my Lords coming to Earth.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed". ~ John 8:36

 Freedom ~ what a beautiful word! 

Forgive me for my twaddle post!


  1. Not twaddly - love learning more about you! I'm constantly changing my blog around too. Even moving it. Good thing you stick straight with what really matters - so it's fun to be free with things that don't.

  2. I don't think it's twaddly either!!

    I'm a creature of habit. Sigh. Your way is much more exciting!

  3. I think habits are different from traditions and change! Like brushing your teeth every morning is a habit, not really a tradtion!

  4. not twaddly at all!
    I imagine you're a very bright colourful vivacious person, that's what exudes from your blog ( :) ) so changing things must be part of your personality:)
    I like change too but probably not as much as you:)
    And yes, I find I am getting to know myself better as I get older too!

  5. Oh Sarah,

    I also change the look of my space - many times over :)

    It is good to change. It is good to grow and become better than we were before. If we stay the same...there is no new us!

    I like your traditions and I enjoy visiting your little space.

    Thank you for stopping by the cottage and leaving such a warm comment :)

    Be blessed dear Sarah,


  6. I'm a changer too!
    It took me quite a while to blog back.
    Thanks for your nice comments.

  7. Beautiful post Sara. This is how I look at Christmas, a time of rejoicing for what He has done for me. Love to have others over and just enjoy the love the season brings.


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