Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life in the last week!

For the last week we have had the pleasure of my cousins company. Even though they were staying at my parents place, which is 3 houses up the grinding hill, we still saw them everyday.

Here are a few of my favourite photos ~

Just hanging down the beach

My brother tearing up the waves

Hubby and I

More digging

My beautiful Mum ~ I just adore this photo, I am thinking seriously about
enlarging this one and getting it framed for her, what do you think?

My daughter Grace on the left with her third cousin Emily!

My son on the right with his 3rd cousin Corey

The crew

Shortbread making and eating the mixture

busily at it

This is pretty much what our table looks like everyday except Saturday and Sunday!
..and I love it!

We haven't officially finished our school year, we have been working very hard to complete some read aloud books and other work. 

We finally finished Our sunburnt country which has been a marvelous Australian history book, we also followed on our maps as we were reading about the first explorers, the gold rush and other mining discoveries, WW1 & 2, and all the farming  industry that has brought Australia to where she is today.

The Magic Pudding and The Tale of Despereaux are our last read alouds to finish before the 17th of December. I must say I am looking forward to a good rest, but also looking forward to planning for 2011 as I progress more and more towards a Charlotte Mason education.

Today we have another lot of cousins arriving and this time they are sleeping at our house..YAY!

So excited!

The children with my children whom you saw in the photos are my cousin Craig's children, and Jenny who is coming today is Craig's sister!

HA, did you get that?


  1. Yep, got it!

    Love, love, love the photo of you and your beloved. The one of your mum is pretty special as well. I vote 'frame it'!

  2. Oh Sarah,

    What a delightful week you had.

    The pictures of the beach are just so delightful! I was born in a little city by the Caribbean Ocean and now I live in the mountains. I miss the sea.

    Be blessed,


  3. I agree with Jeanne - love both the photo of you and your man and the one of your mum. :)

    Our table looks the same...messier maybe! Ah, Chrissy by the beach - what could be better? x

  4. Yes I say 'frame it' too for your mum's picture, it's great!
    my dining table is much the same as yours:)
    btw, how did your dd do with Sunburnt country, just wondering what's a good age for that book as I know your son is 10? did your dd do well with it?
    trying to plan our Aust history and I do have that book but wasn't sure if I should do it with Rebekah in 2010 or 2011.

  5. Lovely :)

    and, yes.. you should frame your mum's picture :)


  6. Yes, and yes on your mother's picture. It's very lovely!
    Ilove shortbread cookies! Yummy!!!
    Lovely pictures and smiles too.

  7. The beach looks like fun!
    I tagged at you over at my blog!

    God Bless!

  8. What great photos, the one of you and hubby is beautiful - also worth framing!!!!!! I love raw shortbread mix, with the kids on that one. Family time is always fun, my fondest memories is spending time with my cousins.

    We havent had any summer weather yet, can't wait until it arrives. Still more like spring.

  9. What happy photos!! I am thinking I would rather like Christmas at the beach.

    Cousins are such a great thing! It was fun to share in your joy.


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