Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent devotions

We have started reading this advent book
today and by the look in my children's
eyes, the story is captivating.

As we have only read three chapters, I cannot
go into too much detail yet, but already,
I love the story line and how the word of God
is incorporated in a way for children
to gain a more in depth understanding of
Jesus coming to earth, and His
love for all Mankind.

Has anybody read this?

What devotions do you do in you home?


  1. I may have to keep a look out for this. Our son is still very young, but he loves being read to. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  2. I have never seen it, but it sounds like a special book.

  3. Oh, thanks for sharing. I haven't seen or heard of this book and just love finding out about new ones. We just finished reading Judges and our boys were quite impressed with the Jotham in that book.

    We don't do a formal devotion together here. We each have our scheduled morning time with the Lord separately and I then read some of Proverbs with our youngest.

  4. That book looks good!
    I'm thinking of reading straight from the Bible to her this year, mostly because I don't have a lot of Christmas-y books to read to her.
    I must start making a list so I will be more organised next year.
    I do actually have a couple but I think she's outgrown that age for them:(

  5. That is new to me . . With a husband who is an unbeliever, I do my own devotional in the morning and a much longer one in the evening.


  6. We love this book!! Oh my goodness, the first time we read it....I've got goosebumps just thinking of the ending. Love it. Doing it again this year. Did you know there are others in the series? I think they are called something like Tabitha's Travels and Bartholomew's...something or other. I can't remember!

  7. That's a good one.
    We started a Jesse Tree this year.
    I intend to make it a tradition.


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