Saturday, November 6, 2010

Out, Out, Out...


Here, here, here...

...we come!

A little bit of time to have a good stretch,
a good chat with my beloved,
just a little bit of time to sit,

just a little more reading,
a bit more plucking my guitar,
to watch the clouds go by,

just a bit more time to be still and know
my God,
to draw His landscape and wildflowers

Just a little more time to enjoy
my children
to watch them learn, fish & explore

Just a taste of simplicity,
to accomplish rest
is all my heart yearns for.

Please, please, please
listen to this beautiful
song of Psalm 23 sung by

Scott Krippayne ~


  1. Beautiful to hear the words of that precious Psalm this morning!

  2. Just beautiful!

    What a lovely video too... and great voice!

  3. I love this Psalm. One of favs. I am back into blogging. Love Bron :)


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