Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From our Stereo

There is a plethora of music being enjoyed around here
and I just thought I would share all the different
sounds blaring through the place.
Well it's loud when no guests are staying
in our B&B, and quiet when they are.

We are enjoying this wonderful compilation of classical music
during the morning, school time and when I'm cooking,
so inspiring

My favourite on this album at the moment is

I am loving Group 1 Crews funky and hip hop style
playing while I am cleaning our apartments.
I love to dance and groove, doesn't matter where I am,
being home, in a shopping store at someone else's place,
if there is funky music playing, I just can't keep my heading
from bobbing or my feet from moving.

My favourite from this album is

Stan Walker won this years Australian Idol and we were following
him, not just because he has the most beautiful voice, but
because he loves Jesus.
Stan is my sons favourite artist at the moment, so
he gets played nearly everyday.
I love his meaningful groovy sounds too.

If you haven't heard Stan I really would love to
encourage you to listen to this song~

Waterfront Christian Church (based in Geelong, Vic, Australia)
 was where I was saved,
I walked into the youth group as a youth and never turned back.
I am so excited about this album and the worship is just sung
in spirit and in truth.
My children also love the songs and I love
hearing them singing the words.

We love music around here!

What about you, what's playing from your stereo?


  1. Funny, I was just wondering about Stan Walker the other day!
    We are listening to a mix of classical and Hillsong at the moment:)

  2. If you get a chance to read about his life, it is an incredible testimony! xxx

  3. I will gave to check these out on iTune.

  4. We love music at our house. Lately here I have been listening to some of my favorite praise and worship music.
    I love having classical music playing very softly on the background too.


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