Friday, November 12, 2010

Where we're at!

Well it is true, it takes quite a few days to unwind once you start your holiday.

We spent a couple of nights at the very peaceful home of Jeanne and we enjoyed there company very much indeed. Thank you again Jeanne for answering all my questoins :-).

We are now in Mildura and I must admit I just love this place and could probably just stay around here instead of heading more north into the locust plague, but anyway, David & I are still deciding what to do, if we should change our route or stick with it.

Yesterday I brought the most beautiful boxed set of the Narnia series and I am very stoked about that as they are on my read aloud list for 2011.

You know I could not believe that is was 40 degrees yesteday and I still think it could be in the 30's right now.

So today we are planning on going for a walk along the Murray River, eating yummy food and head to the wave pool this afternoon when the storms are supposed to hit.

Sorry that is this is in dribs and drabs but I am in the commercial kitchen with people cooking around me and talking to me and I do get distracted quite easily.

Since my children are not officially on holidays we are still doing school in a really fun way.

At night we are reading 'The Tale of Despereaux' (read aloud and narration) and oh how we are LOVING IT.

The children are also journaling and doing copywork (penmanship), following on there road maps as we go through each town (geography), lisenting and singing to 'songs for Aussie Kids' which includes 'Click go the sheer boys', 'Here comes Brumby Jack' and 'Tie me Kangaroo down sport' (folksong), Joshua has been measuring the length of anything he can find with his measuring tape (maths) and I have been reading the history of the towns and the rivers to the family (history) and we have met a lot of new and wonderful people (socialization).

And on top of all that the children have been adoring lizards, locusts, ducks and their ducklings, possums and all the beautiful bird life (nature study).

We also plan on doing some watercolor drawing, so we will see how we go.

Bye for now lovely ladies. xxx


  1. Your holidays sound marvellous!
    Hope that wasn't Jeanne's possum you were adoring?
    Have a great time, Sarah.

  2. Wow, good on you guys for getting out there! I actually think children will learn wherever they are if we encourage them to. I'm sure your two are learning heaps! Mildura is lovely isn't it - seems to always be sunny there! So happy you're having this adventure together. We love the Narnia Chronicles here, my hubby read them aloud to all our children at bedtime last year. He loves them too! Mel x

  3. Sarah,
    What lovely learning you're enjoying while you vacation. How special that you were able to visit with Jeanne, too.

    May you make many more wonderful memories while away. :)

  4. So glad you got to spend some time with Jeanne! How wonderful. My boys loved the Narnia series. We are going on holidays for 6 nights at the end of November - can't wait! Enjoy yours. xo

  5. sounds like you are having a fab time. Enjoy!! which I know you will. :)


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