Monday, November 1, 2010

It's 7:30am, what do I find...

 ...when I walk into the kitchen

A Miss Gracie,
who is still in her PJ's,
hair not done,
and painting

"This one is my all red with circles Mummy"

"This one is my garden with sun shining on it Mummy,
and I think this one is the best"

"and this one is a pattern"

I just adored the way my dd (6) had set up the table and was talking away with all kinds of stories while she was creating what she was seeing in her minds eye.

How wonderful to just choose to paint, to be free to create and encouraged to express her abstract art.

Thankful today for my children being home,
to be free to be who God made them,
and even though I feel unappreciated
at times, I 'know' that one day,
the rewards will be there,
and the thank yous will come.


  1. In due season you will reap!!!
    Lovely start to your day, Sarah. Hope you have surfaced from out of the laundry!
    I confess, I was always a bit mean with paints and play dough when the children where small. I kept it tucked away to be used with plastic covers and under supervision! Too much mess here otherwise....but your daughter seems a little more controlled!

    (HUH..weird. My verification word is manbras!)

  2. You are very blessed! It's great to enjoy the messes and enjoy your dear children's creativity. I wish I had learned this many years ago.

  3. Awww, that's so beautiful! What a contended little girl she must be!

    By the way, I love the picture in your header. I love the wonder in a child's eyes when they look at His creation.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, that started off so beautifully...

  4. I love the way children are SO creative and truly think they are making a picture that looks real. It's amazing how as we grow that changes and we develop and mature... God created something truly magnificent and wonderful when He made humans be babies and children first. I love seeing the world with the wonder of a child.
    Your daughter is cute!! :) (and the same age as my daughter! :) )

  5. aww, that is just gorgeous! being in pjs at 7.30 is ok around here even at 10.00am too:) the beauty of home schooling!

  6. What a wonderful story, children do all sorts of things that surprise us big people and make us feel all good inside.

    I am all for art and children showing off their creative side. I certainly encouraged my children to paint and draw and make things to their hearts content.

  7. such a wonderful way to start your day! did you join her? i want to see your painting :)


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