Monday, October 25, 2010

Some of my favourite things...

...from where I stand

Beautiful Bird of Paradise

Lovable Levi (my great Nephew)

My two nieces drawing with my Gracie

Peculiar Pelicans in the Mallacoota Inlet

Maggie our intelligent and incredible family pet

Home baked bread

Spotty the lizard

My new Lime Parfait wall

Guest view from their studio apartment

...and a very beaut vegetable garden


  1. A few great things there, Sarah. Can't pick a fave but that beautiful blue I boy is a heart stealer!

  2. Of course that should have been blue eyed boy! And the bigger brown eyed one is pretty cute, too!

  3. What a delight to read this sweet post and the pictures are wonderful!

  4. I enjoyed a bit more of a look into your world:) love the pictures of your kids and your garden and everything else as well:)

  5. What lovely photos. I really like the Bird of Paradise flower, it is very beautiful.

  6. Many of these would be my favorites, too, Sarah! Do you know how blessed you are to have such beautiful scenery to behold each day. :) Yes, I know you know.

  7. Thats one of the best pics of levi yet!!!! he looks good enough to eat haha... I love my little nephew isnt he georgous!!!!


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