Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Rhema of Love

"That farewell kiss which resembles
 greeting, that last glance of love
which becomes the sharpest pang of sorrow."
~George Eliot

These words describe my feelings as my husband drove away 17 days ago to go to work, and these words are also how my husband felt.

The sharp pang in my heart had never been stronger, I was shocked and overwhelmed in how I was feeling.

Love is an incredible emotion, so powerful and real.

On the day my husband left I wrote a post and Jo left a comment stating "God has a reason for this separation look for what he wants you to learn" and these words prompted my heart to just yield to my God even more and allow Him to change me, grow me and mould me ~ again!

We all experience separation from a loved one through this journey on earth and God is in control of all that takes place and I believe He wants to use that time of separation to draw us closer to Him, He wants us all for himself at times, so we know that He is truly the one we can and should rely on every moment of the day.
Only Jesus can heal the brokenness, blow away fears and restore our lives.

So have I really learnt anything in the last 17 days?

Have I really received a rhema (a word or an illustration God speaks directly to us, and it addresses our personal, particular situation) that has diffused change and understanding in my life?

One thing I know is I love my husband. You might think, well you did marry him, and yes I did, but marriage and love can die just like a plant will die without the watering and nurturing so love will die also.

To keep love alive you have to work hard at it as I am sure you know and I had heard these words a hundred times over as well, but this latest separation from my husband has given those words a new more in depth meaning.

For you to truly understand what I am talking about I am going to be completely honest and transparent with you right now, before he left we had only been back home from our trip down to Geelong, Vic for three weeks and in those three weeks David & I didn't spend any time together. We were both home, we would walk past each other, eat dinner and say the odd word but we didn't replenish and water our marriage as it needed.

In the last few days before David was leaving I was trying to get him to stop working and spend time with me. You see I thought he was the one not making time for me, he was busy out in the garden, doing washing, spending time with the kids and making phone calls but I was busy schooling the children, blogging, on face book, cleaning and cooking. 

When David drove away I felt dry and thirsty not in my spirit but in my marriage.

"And ever has it been known that love knows not
 its own depth until the hour of separation"
~ Khalil Gibran

The Lord revealed to me the moments that I had missed to water our marriage, I could of been down in the garden with my husband (he did ask me a dozen times), but I didn't go, I could of switched the laptop off when he sat next to me for 5 min (he did say he felt like I was ignoring him) but I couldn't see.

Being apart has proven that love strengthens. God has opened my eyes and my husbands eyes more to the reality that our love will die if we don't nourish it.

So I thank the Lord for teaching me in these last 17 days just how important it is to keep my ears open to hear when my beloved is calling and my eyes open to see when he is taking the time to water our marriage.

My husband, beloved, lover and friend returns home in a few hours.

  What greater thing is there for two human souls that
to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other...
to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.

~ George Eliot


  1. Howdy hi,
    I'm so glad that the Lord revealed areas to you… areas that you may otherwise have missed. What a blessing to make the best out of the situation with dh being away.

    As you know my dh has been away too. He return sometime this week! So I'll be praying for you guys <3

  2. What great lessons God teaches us!! And I good reminder for me too :) I'm so glad that your time apart has been a time for reflection. Hope your reunion today is beautiful
    Luv Donna

  3. Thanks for sharing Sarah.
    Sometimes, mums especially, get caught up with "stuff" and have to just look at what the priorities are. I heard a dreadful story recently of how a mother in the US actually killed her child because she got so angry that it wanted attention while she was on FB (Farmville I believe:-(
    Anything neglected will wither and die. So lovely to hear what God is teaching you and to take it to heart for myself.
    God bless you and your family as you are soon reunited xo

  4. Thanks for being so honest Sarah. A good reminder for me! Glad your hubby is arriving home soon...enjoy!

  5. Thankyou for sharing this as it is wonderful to heard what you have learnt from this separation. I am so pleased that your DH is home. It must be a wonderful feeling.

  6. I was really touched by this post, Sarah. thank you for sharing. Sometimes we have "moments" like this to get us back on track to what is really important. : )


  7. a lesson we all need to learn. for sure. thanks for the post - it opened a few doors in my mind.

  8. Gorgeous post Sarah - thanks for sharing! Life can get cluttered at times hey, so easy to ignore the need to put in effort with relationships. Enjoy having your hubby home again! Mel xx

  9. I have been seperated from my husband for almost a week now and I have been reflecting on the same things. I have realised that I haven't been watering our marriage either. I'm too busy with the kids or wastin time on the computer. Geat post Sarah. Thank you for your transparency. xo

  10. Hey aunty sarah, how are things, was just going through your blog lol because when i came down to visit you a couple of weeks ago you reminded me that i havnt been on here for a while, so i started up again and realised i love to write haha.. This is my favourite post of yours yet... Very honest and even though your my aunty and usually i dont hear about stuff like this..it made me really open my eyes to me and jakes relationship because lets be honest i complain a fair bit in my relationship about how he doesnt make an effort sometimes.. But truelly i am also to blame... haha oops... I love you lots and am missing you and the kids terribly hope everything is going well and i cant wait to come and visit again soon... Love you more im bigger ..Amy xx


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