Sunday, October 3, 2010

Term 4 schedule 2010

Tonight I have put together our term schedule  if you are interested in having a look. Since this week will be kept pretty low key, I am pretty sure we will not cover all that is on our plan. I love having a schedule to work by, it keeps me in check and helps me to know what we have covered and haven't.

Soon I will blog about our read aloud choices for this term and what books the children are reading at the moment.

You will find the schedule here


  1. Hi Sarah, sounds like you're all organised for this last term! I love a schedule too, though it never really gets followed 100% - instead it acts more like a general guide.:)
    Oh yeah, and I thought of you on Saturday - such a great win to Collingwood!! My eldest son was very happy - especially with Harry's 50m goal. Mel xx

  2. I put in a request to view your document - it would be great to have a look at what you're up to!

  3. Mel I thought of you guys too and your son, what a magnificent victory. Now hoping we can end our last term in xx

    Jeanne, I have provided the link, did you try to open it? Let me know if it workd for you! xx

  4. All the best with your term Sarah! Good on you for being organized. Like Mel, I like a schedule and then stick to it loosely. We have started off this morning with our regular Bible stuff and reading and now having a break. Gotta ease into these things slowly :-) Plus my washing machine has decided not to empty out so that is a disaster.

  5. Sarah, I enjoyed looking at your schedule! I love how you've made it simple but it covers everything! I'm looking at simplifying some things here so it helped me:) Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I had a peek at your schedule. Looks very full and very interesting. I love all the variety we can add to our schedules.

    Hope you have a wonderful term with your children.

  7. Sarah,
    Your schedule looks great! I use 100 EZ lessons, too. Looking forward to hearing about your read alouds. :)

  8. Hey Trisha, I am unable to get onto your blog at the moment! xxx


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