Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick update!

For those of you who follow the AFL (Australian Football League) will know that the Collingwood football club won the premiership yesterday with an absolute thriller of a match. There were so many inspirational moments that got me jumping all over my lounge. As a fan I am WRAPPED to see the team have a victory.

For those of you who luurve to cook, I have a new cook book added to my shelf and  the recipes sound absolutely divine, hopefully I will be able to share some, the days are flying and my blog is getting a bit neglected. 

Today is our last day of holidays and we have had two apartments to clean which is great and I still have to plan our schedule for our last term of the year. I feel ready to get back into learning and I know pretty much what I want to achieve and what books I want to read to my children. This week will be pretty low key to allow my kids to get back into the swing of things.

Anyone else starting back this week?

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Nomally our US holidays don't match up with yours, but I took a personal week off to take my youngest daughter, 7, to visit my oldest married daughter, 23, who has two children, 3 and 1. It was a blast. But, back to the grind on Monday. Good thing I like homeschooling, 17 years down, 11 to go!

  2. Yes, we are starting back tomorrow but I am also slack with my schedule etc so will make a slowish start and power on from there!
    Glad your team go up!

  3. Did you read the book that the recipe book is based on. I found it very interesting.

    My son returns to school on Tuesday ( tomorrow is labour day holiday), and you just reminded me that I need to buy a bus ticket for my son. I hardly saw him all break, at almost 18 he spent more time with friends than his mum!

  4. Mindy ~ sounds like you had a lovely time! I love hearing "Good thing I like homeschooling, 17 years down, 11 to go!" Inspiring!xx

    Ruby ~ All the very best for your last term and I pray your days will be blessed!xx

    Jo ~ I haven't actually read the book, but I am loving the recipes. Mireille writes a lot in this book too and I am loving it! xx

  5. Tha Magpies played like absolute champions! It was a great match.

    We began school again this week and the children are settling back into it well. It's amazing how they're ready for school after having a couple weeks off.


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