Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Days that don't go according to plan...

...I simply love and go with the flow.

As I grow more and more as a person, wife, mother and teacher I learn. Yes, it's pretty simple really.

Learning is so great and I am learning to not worry if I miss what was on today's homeschooling schedule for I now understand that learning for my children is not just what is on the pages but what they experience, the people they meet, how they communicate to a child and an elderly person.

Learning is happening every second of the day.

Today my Mum came down at 9am with a beautiful lady who has been a very close family friend for all my life. Mary (different name for privacy) absolutely adores children and my children were instantly attracted to her. Children are far from silly and they know when an adult wants to be with them. My son (9) began to give her a tour of his veggie garden, his chickens and his latest lizards.

Mary was so delighted in all the animals and in how my children had no inhibitions, looked her in the eye when they spoke and showed great respect. I am learning to really savour moments like that, for I can get very picky with my kids and just focus on there bad habits and flaws and totally miss the incredible qualities that God has placed inside of them.

Moments like these are what make homeschooling so rewarding for me!

Also today my phone has been running hot with enquires for our B&B apartments so my Mum and Mary took Joshua & Grace on a nature walk and they all had a delightful time. What a special treasure for my children to share in.

Right now my husband, Joshua & Grace have been preparing our summer veggie garden, collecting sticks and planting all our fresh vegetables.

What a wonderful day of living education.

"The question is not—how much does the youth know when he has finished his education—but how much does he care? and about how many orders of things does he care? In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?"  

— Charlotte Mason


  1. Sounds like a great day Sarah! It is so great that our kids can talk to adults isn't it! That has to be one of my top things I love about home schooling. I'm loving the Spring weather here too - yay for daylight savings!! We planted out our vege patch on the weekend and the children are enjoying watering it. Have a great week! x

  2. The great day occurred because of your great attitude. If you had insisted on the kids sitting down to finish a reading assignment or finishing a worksheet, you would have missed the blessing of your kids learning from and enjoying an older, dear friend and enjoying the company of their gramma. Good for you!

  3. Sounds like they had a "living education" today:) what a great day! our kids are so blessed to have the freedom to do this on a weekday:)

  4. Well done on raising children that are also a joy to others :o)

    Can I ask what vegies you're growing this year? We're just getting started on our vegie patches and I love hearing what others are doing!

  5. The ability to communicate with littlies, peers and adults alike is one of the things I treasure most about the home school journey! And I love when we are out and a grown up home school calls out "Hi Mrs G!" and actually has a conversation with me!
    Happy days, Sarah!

  6. My mother was a school teacher and had ( still does) the wonderful ability to talk to children and when we had small children visiting they knew mum was the person to chat to. She loved to draw pictures and tell stories which fascinated a young child.

    As for learning, I have been watching documentaries on DVD on history and art so I can continue my learning. At the moment I am watching The History of Britian and thoroughly enjoying it. Our whole life should be one of learning. It shows our children how much we personally value learning but it is for the whole family. My next set of DVDs is the history of America.

  7. Sounds like they learned a lot. I didn't realise that is abnormal for kids not to interact well with adults until people started complimenting my children on it! You are such an amazing mum. xo

  8. Hi Sarah, stopping by to give you a (((hug)))
    It sonds like you are making a REAL difference in your children lives. Yep, learning is happening every second of our lives. It good to read from another mom, the importance of teaching children how to relate with the elderly.
    Have a wonderful blessed day!

  9. hello there, wow, it's always so funny to me that you guys are on opposite seasons. we are getting ready to pull out sweaters and scarves and you're talking about a summer garden.

    glad business is going well for you as well.

  10. I love the fact that every minute can be a learning opportunity - and I believe homeschooled children have a much wider appreciation for life and a wider knowledge base than children who attend schools.
    I too put a lot of emphasis on having my children learn to be able to communicate with people of all ages, and to place great respect and honour on the elderly and their knowledge. Too many people these days ridicule elderly people as being just plain "demented" or "out-of-touch". Sometimes the elderly can't keep up with technology, but since when is technology *everything*??? They have so much wisdom and knowledge to share if we would just take the time to listen! And that's what I want my children to learn.
    Enjoyed reading about your day, Sarah! :)

  11. sarah - i, too, am a charlotte mason mom :). we are in our 12th year homeschooling and i can see a light at the end of the tunnel. of course, i don't have a clue what i'll be doing once we're done. sounds like you had a good day, and a good visit with a special friend :).

  12. Beautiful, Sarah! How wise you are to hold on to the schedule loosely and value the learning that goes on all day long.

  13. Sounds like a good day :-)

    I have to say too that I am sorry to hear that you lost your baby. I was thinking you must be due soon and was wondering why there hadn't been a pregnanacy update then went reading back through your blog and realised in the blur of the first few months with my 2 girls I totally missed what had happened to you. I hope you are doing ok!!

  14. What a blessed day you had! You will cherish such memory making days! : )


  15. What special times for you and your children! My children loved people of all ages, still do and they are young adults now.

    How exciting to have a B&B! I have always liked that idea! You must live in a beautiful place as B&B's are always situated in scenic places (usually lol).

    Bless you Sarah!

  16. I love that quote. It always seems to encompass exactly why I love the idea of a liberal education - how full is the life he has before him, indeed!

    What lovely word pictures you painted in this post. thanks for sharing your day with us all.

    Love to you all, my friends.

  17. I think this is such an important reason for homeschool! thanks for sharing Sarah ;)

    amy in peru


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