Friday, May 14, 2010

Naplan test!

Today my son will be sitting the 2009 NAPLAN test for numeracy and literacy.

Why am I doing this?

Well as a homeschooling mother sometimes I feel inadequate with my own knowledge of the level my son is at or even how he is progressing in these areas. I love homeschooling for the reason that my children can grow at there own paces and not feel the pressure of be left behind or held back. 

But in saying that the Naplan test is good for my own knowledge of what my son is capable of doing. So I will be setting up for my son upstairs where he can look out to the lake and mountains and just relax with no competition or pressure to perform in front of class mates.

I have no expectations for my son today but I will be roaming around like an emu, curious in how he will finish.

What are your thoughts on the Naplan tests?

Have any of your children ever sat them? Or do you test in a different way?


  1.'s something I might do as well in a couple of years (just to see how I'm going I think - like you - it's good to know where our kids are at and can be a good encouragement too for us:))

  2. Most of the families who are registered with Schools of Distance Ed here do the testing and I think are happy enough to. We have not done them in the appropriate years because of the learning difficulties the boys have and their obvious stress at not being able to read the test.
    Even though I've been home schooling for a lot of years I still have times when I just want to see how the children are going compared to kids their own age. Most of the time I am just content to move at our pace but I think it is natural to question how we are going with the big important job!

  3. Hi just visitng for the first time.
    I have never done this with our children so am unable to help you.
    We have got older children who have reached University age though and are doing Distance learning for Degree etc.
    So I don't know if it helps or no tto 'know' from these sort of tests.

  4. Since speaking to you this morning Sarah, I decided to check out the Naplan online tests and had my older two sit the maths exam for their appropriate ages. They enjoyed the experience and I found it interesting in seeing what items we have and haven't yet covered which is helpful for me in teaching them subjects not yet addressed.


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