Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bliss shopping!

It was such a relief this morning to go to my cupboard, well actually to the shopping bags and pull out clothes that are comfortable to walk in.

It takes about one hour and forty five minutes to drive to Bega from Mallacoota, but I'll tell you it felt like time flew so fast for my Mum and I talked a thousand words each, all the way there and all the way home, it was beautiful!

In my mind I desired to find:

  • one pair of jeans
  • one black skirt
  • one pair of trackies
  • one hoodie
  • one jumper
Praise God, I found all these items plus I came back with two hats and a pair of black boots. WOW all that in my budget!

Don't you just love it when you go shopping and find exactly what you needed all in the budget you had?

What was your favourite clothes item you lived in when you were carrying a baby? It's interesting to hear what others wore.

Today it's back to our Thursday schedule for school, which I think we will be doing more art for it's lovely and rainy outside. We all really want to go and see the snow but we need to leave about 5am to make a day of it.

Enjoy your day! :-)


  1. Way to go girl! I must say I just love a good shopping spree :) I spent Mothers' Day afternoon out and about with my mum doing a bit of retail therapy!
    Sounds like you made some great purchases. Black boots are great for winter, and I love a nice hoodie too. I think my fav maternity item was a pair of srtetchy black pants from Pumpkin Patch. I could wear them dressed up or down and they were so comfy. A big improvement on some of the clothes I wore when I was pregnant with my first - 13 years ago!! LOL. I always managed to put on weight too Sarah, despite my best intentions! It's all worth it though, and everyone will think you look beautiful! xxx

  2. Oh I love my maternity clothes !! My fav items are my maternity leggings - great for putting under any outfit to make it warmer and my long flowing dresses that hug my baby belly perfectly. I LOVE being pregnant it's the only time I get to dress beautifully and I feel beautiful all the time.
    It's so good you were able to get maternity clothes in your budget !! They can be so expensive! I have found targets range to be good and affordable.
    I am loving all your pregnancy and baby posts, keep them coming !!!
    Luv Donna

  3. Back in my day Sarah, we wore loose fitting dresses..although I do recall wearing those specially made jeans or pants when I was having David..Actually when I see myself pregnant on the video`s we have..I think I looked ridiculous, the dresses were so short...

  4. What a fun time with your mum!
    From my one and only experience thus far of needing mat clothes, my favourite was a three quarter length cargo style maternity pants and a comfy t-shirt (for casual wear) and black dressy pants with various tops for more dressy wear! (that's all I can remember for now:))

  5. Sarah, what a blessing to have a Mum who is so supportive of you!

    When I was pregnant I wore loose fitting maternity tops - the ones that make you feel really feminine, and lots of loose fitting dresses and skirts.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,
    Love Jillian ♥


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