Monday, May 17, 2010

It's a new day!

Heading into week 13 of my pregnancy and I have to say I am feeling great! Praise God, I am beginning to have more energy which is what I was really lacking. Still having a little nausea but not much now!

Thank you to all that have prayed for me once or twice, I so appreciate that and I know the Lord has been carrying me each and every day.

Isn't that just fantastic know, that the Lord never leaves us or forsakes us, through the valleys and on the mountain tops, He is always there, whispering in our hearts, guiding us in all truth and teaching us through every situation.


You and I are not alone and earth is not our home. There is a place where there will be no more pain or tears and where everyone will love one another.

This week my husband and I watched a program on one of the Christian stations and there were two men being interviewed, one man had experienced hell and the other had experienced heaven. The bible talks about both of these places and they do exist. It was really incredible to be reminded of what Jesus did on the cross and that is the only reason why I am not going to hell, because Jesus rescued me and made a way for me to enter into eternity with Him.

This post was going to be about our exam week and what tests my children will be doing, but God had other ideas.

Joshua will be sitting the 2009 NAPLAN literacy test today and Grace will be practising her ABC's and numbers.

I believe in testing as long as it's fun for the children and they are not under pressure.

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  1. HI Sarah,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    look forward to hearing more about how the naplan tests went as well:)


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