Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Nanna

So today is our last day in the apartment we have been living in for the last 3 months, we are busy doing the last bits of packing and cleaning. 

Looking back I can get a glimpse of the Masters tapestry and how He weaves every situation out perfectly. 

Whilst here we have been able to spend quality and precious time with my Nanna who has just been promoted to glory last Friday afternoon at the age of 96.

I have been so blessed with lots of family fellowship on my Mum's side of the family and a lot of us are born again Christians because of the legacy my Nanna passed down to the generations. 

Here is a short description of my Nanna's testimony (in pink, her favourite color) - 

There was a certain lady in England called Mrs Williamson who was a spirit filled Christian. God had spoken to her and called her to move to Australia where there was a wee lamb whom she was to share the gospel with.

For twelve months Mrs Williamson shared the good news of Jesus Christ with Nanna and after that she knew that it was time to leave Nanna alone.

In the mean time Nanna had had enough of listening to Mrs Williamson and one evening after putting all six children to bed, she was sitting in the lounge on her own staring into the open fire place, smoking a cigarette and thinking ‘I’m either going to go mad or bad’.

Then she thought, if what this woman has been sharing is true Lord, and then all of a sudden Nanna had a revelation about all that she had heard and felt an incredible peace come all over her.

That evening as Nanna was in her bedroom she felt the hand of Jesus literally on her shoulder and He said “Violet, Violet, be still and know that I’m God”.

I'm eternally grateful to my Nanna for answering the call of Jesus that day in her house and for all the prayers that followed. 

Prayer is what moves the hand of God.


  1. Dear Sarah, so sorry to hear of your Nanna's passing, knowing what an absolutely special lady she was. I am so glad you have shared about her over the years, and now her precious testimony.
    What a joy though when believers are removed from this world of woe to His glorious light! What rejoicing! She must have died content not only to be going to the Lord but knowing that many of her loved ones will meet again there, too.
    Hugs to you. God has blessed you indeed!

  2. What a wonderful lady! I'm so glad you got to spend time with your Nan before her passing. xx

  3. This is a precious picture, Sarah. I am sorry. I enjoyed reading her testimony. Thank you for sharing a little tid bit about her with all of us. - Carmen

  4. So sorry to hear this Sarah. But what a legacy she has left! Loved reading your story of her testimony. Praise God you will see her again and I will get to meet her too!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your Gran, but what a blessing to know she is now in heaven.

    May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  6. What a blessed spiritual heritage you have! May the faith continue on through the generations. I loved hearing the story of her conversion.

    I was given an old letter written to my great-grandparents, thanking by a woman thanking them for leading her to the Lord. The sad thing is my grandfather, their son, didn't choose to believe, so I was raised by non-believers. I can't help but think what a joyful reunion we'll have in heaven.


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