Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Multiplication Mania!

Hi Folks! We have been using these really fun multiplication drills everyday thanks to Tammy for making such wonderful resources and offering them to us for free of use and I just wanted to share with you just in case you are looking for something different. 

It is so simple yet really drills the sums into our heads! 

I have a lot to share about -

*what books we are reading and what books are next on the list, 
*why my children buy wool & needles when we go shopping 
(if you want to know my thoughts that is)
*changes I am going to make with our curriculum
*pictures of some of our days.
*my fitness & health journey

Would you be interested?

I am happy to write if I know my readers are interested in these topics!

Are there any other topics you would like me to write on. I actually have a lot to write and say about things. 

Please do tell! 

Love Sarah


  1. You could write about garbage and I'd read it. You are inspiring and engaging! It is always good to hear from you. But, since I have been homeschooling nearly 20 years, have one 4th grader next and want to finish strong and with enthusiasm, I would love to hear your ideas about school and curriculum.

  2. Laugh out loud, thank you Mindy! Wow 20 years, Praise God! xx

  3. I'd love to know all about the changes you're making to your curriculum - especially as I often tweak mine! I'd love to see pics of your gorgeous family, and as for your health and fitness journey - do tell! Love reading your updates Sarah. Mel x

  4. Can I say "all" to the list and more lol! I love reading your blog! hope Geelong is going well.
    I posted about our ao2 recently with all the book substitutions and working on another tweaking post for ao too:)


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