Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food, glorious food!

"There's nothing like fresh vegetables"
- quoted my 11yo son this week

Both of my children love food and love to cook. This week they both literally begged me to go to the organic fruit and vegetable shop just down the road from where we are staying to get more peas in the pod. 

Whilst we were in the shop the Lord reminded me that education is not all about reading, writing and arithmetic (which I sometimes get caught up in I must confess) but about life skills, about loving all aspects of life and the good things the Lord has provided us with like food. 

I stood and watched my children (and me) drool over the red grapes and peas that we ate on the way home and I thanked Jesus for opening my eyes once again to the personalities He has bestowed upon my children. 

Aren't moments like that precious, it just brings everything into perspective, it's like the Lord pulls up the ocean to allow me to see all the beauty hidden underneath.

Once again I'm Eternally Grateful!

We are heading to the Farmers Market this morning to stock up on fresh produce and my children will be blessed to cuddle some baby animals.

I wonder what you are all up to this weekend!

Enjoy, Laugh, Give!

Love Sarah


  1. Beautiful pic with rabbit!
    I can just imagine in 20 years time when one of your children is on Master Chef and they ask, "So when did your love of food begin?" The answer will be, "When Mum took us to the markets and we brought beautiful fresh vegies."!!!!!

  2. I love it when my sons want fresh veg and healthy food instead of processed food, you know you've done something right:). I've tried to shift my grocery shopping towards raw foods and less "other" items and do far it is working well.

  3. Just love that photo of Grace. Gorgeous.

  4. So sweet! She is precious!
    How nice! A wonderful walk to an organic store. It sounds like you are settling into your place nicely while you are there for a few weeks.

  5. Love this! That is definitely a telling statement from your son! We're enjoying our relatives visiting from down close to where you are:) it's their annual trip up north to visit us:) enjoy your weekend!
    P.s. just emailed you too.


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