Monday, April 23, 2012

Where are my Christian ANZACS?

A Prophetic Poem
Anzac Day, 25th April, 1999.

From unknown country villages, from cities far and wide
They gathered as the cry went forth, they mustered side by side,
"You're needed on the battlefield. Leave the farm, the plow, the hearth;
Your king and country call you now to take up arms on their behalf!"

What stirred within their souls, Oh Lord, that caused their hearts to yield?
That led them to Gallipoli, to that bloody battlefield?
"It was passion" He said, "that led them, to lay down everything,
A love for truth and freedom, and commitment to their king.

They'd counted well the cost and knew the risks they were to face
But passion, it burned stronger, and fear could find no place"
The enemy was fierce and strong, each soldier proved his worth
But somehow midst the blood and tears, our nation, it was birthed.

And now they march upon our streets, and we watch with wondrous eyes,
And stop and think of courage, and then move on with our lives.
But a Voice is growing louder, and calls to us anew,
"Where are My Christian Anzacs? The King has need of you!

The nation is in peril, and many souls shall die
Unless you heed My call to war and gather by My side!
Arise, Oh Christian Anzacs, take up your arms and fight
And march into the streets as soldiers of the Light!

Your nation, it cries out to Me, her darkness, it is deep,
And My heart breaks to see her thus,
How can My people sleep?

Call forth the Anzac spirit, to rise upon My church,
Call forth the mighty warriors, to fight for all they're worth!
The enemy is fierce, the battle may be long,
But I have overcome," He says "And I will lead you on.

Let My Spirit fan the flames of passion in your breasts,
That, like the Anzacs, you might love your lives not unto death.
Take up the weapons I have given and gather unto Me
To wage a holy war! To set the captives free!

Your King proclaims a call to war! A hurting nation moans
The enemy runs havoc in your streets and in your homes
Let the Anzac church arise in Holy Spirit power!
And set her face to victory, this is your finest hour!"


  1. oh I just love this poem Sarah! what a call to the church eh, it's so needed! where did you get it from? I've not seen it before.

  2. p.s. love the new look on your blog and the new pictures!

  3. Hi Rosemary, I found this peom just researching ANZAC poems to read to my children. Thanks for liking my blog. xxx

  4. I like your new look too Sarah!
    It is a pity, isn't it, that we as a nation can be so impassioned about ANZAC Day, sporting events and celebrities, but so luke warm about spreading the gospel. God bless Australia.

  5. I like it to, the words are very inspiring. Like the other ladies, I agree, your blog is looking lovely:)

    Hope your week has been good.

  6. Wow, great poem. Glad to catch up with you here. Sorry I've not been as frequent a visitor!

  7. Thank you Jo! We are thinking about heading your way next week to visit the war museum - have you any advice? xxx

    Hey Jenn, now worries it's nice to hear from you! xxx


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