Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspired by Burke & Wills

For our Australian history this year we have been reading aloud H.E Marshall's - Australasia's story.

Marshall expresses herself so clearly with wonderful words from our English language which makes this book a delight to read aloud and to listen to.

Today we have been following the journey of Burke & Wills and their expedition leaving from Melbourne into the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. The story is quite a sad one mainly due to mans lack of wisdom and not listening to fellow comrades. 

You may know the story or may not but I really cannot see what came from such an expedition except loss of life. These stories we never read about in school and I am learning the truth of all that really took place those many years ago. 

I do admire the courage, bravery and passion that encompassed these first explorers, even just reading about their drive for adventure really inspires me to look beyond what is in reach and delve into the unknown, to keep learning more about God's world and step more and more into what I am destined for.

I'm also reminded of one of the very important reasons why we chose to home school our children, one of the foundations that we are building upon and that is the belief that our children are destined, the bible says that God has a plan and a purpose for each generation. 

I am so thankful for this reminder today as some days I just lose my vision due to grumpy and bickering children, or simply feeling unappreciated. I know feelings are deceitful sometimes but they can drag you down if you let them. 

But coming back to simple stories about our Australian explorers has truly lifted my spirits and I am reminded that I am giving my children the best education possible and I have the very power in my tongue to make a difference by encouraging them to reach new heights, to explore Gods creation and to become all that God intended them to be.

P.S We were all stoked to find this wonderful Irish folksong above, we all have and by 'we' I mean hubby, Joshua, Gracie and myself have been having a jig and a sing along. 

P.S.S I have my MOJO back, I was beginning to think I had seriously lost my mojo to write. YAY (-:


  1. Fabulous post. We've been reading about Burke and Wills as well. I'm off to listen to your song link now!

    Glad you're back in a blogging groove. xxx

  2. yay! you've definitely got your mojo back, judging by this and your recent posts:) I'm looking forward to learning more about Aussie history with Rebekah this year (seeing I didn't grow up here and don't know much). That sounds like a great book! We're using "The Australia Book" by Eve Pownall this year, such a lovely book too!

  3. I loved learning about Australian explorers at school, they were amazing people, going off into the unknown, never quite sure who or what they might meet. Very brave men for sure. I don't have that sort of courage at all.

  4. I love learning Australian history. I can barely find it on the map. I know, I had a lame education and am using homeschooling to catch up on what I wanna' learn.

    I switched over to WordPress. Hope you come find me there. I love being a part of your life.

  5. I came by to wish you a happy mothers day though it's late! I also just realized I didn't rep,y to your email, so sorry will do that soon. Hope you had a great day Sarah !


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