Saturday, January 28, 2012

Summer Lovin'


Chasey Time

Afternoon tea for Mum's birthday


 My niece & I

Fishing cousins

 Market Day

Genoa Falls - beautiful boulders

Brilliant Bream

 What do you see?
Gippsland Water Dragon...isn't he a beauty!

Who can see the face profile?


  1. What a fabulous summer you've all had.

  2. These are wonderful photos and yes, I saw the face in the last one as soon as I got to it. I don't realise that I miss the sea until I see photos of it, then I wish I could hear the crashing on the rocks and the wind in my face!! and that fruit platter looks perfect for summer.

    You have captured summer:)

  3. just a little, teensy weensy jealous.

    we're enduring gray and rain for our winter.

    however, this week, it will warm up to 50. since i have a friend in alaska who just reported -49, that sounds toasty to me!


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