Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A narration by Grace ~ age 7

Elizabeth of Hungary - Servant of the Poor
(From Trial & Triumph)

Once their was a princess named Elizabeth, she had a husband who went to Italy. Elizabeth kept the poor safe and she took off her fine clothes and gave them to the poor.
Everyday 900 people came to the castle and she fed them.
When her husband died Elizabeth and her four children were kicked out of the castle and no one took them in. They travelled to please God and slept in an old farmers shed where the pigs sleep.
Then in the middle of the night when the children were sleeping the bells rang and Elizabeth went to the church to praise God. She said to the man "could you please sing a hymn"? 
She got a fever and died at 24.
The end!


  1. We aren't using T and T but that is an AWESOME narration! Good on Gracie and good on mum!

  2. What a beautiful narration! Well done Gracie. :)

  3. Poor poor Elizabeth. But I'm sure she's most happy walking along the streets of heaven with Jesus.

    Good narration!


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