Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Melbourne ~ week 1

How pleasant it is to be in this great city. Melbourne is one place the children and I have not been with my husband during a shutdown, so this is wonderful. 

Being born in Geelong I do have a lot of family and friends spread throughout Melbourne so my time here is turning very social.

Arriving into Melbourne we had a pleasant surprise from my cousin Jenny and her beautiful family that met us on the highway for a quick catch up. Was not long enough like always.

The children & I made a trip into the city via the train to visit the Aquarium then to the Pancake Parlour for lunch.

I totally exhausted the kids!

We had a special evening with Jeanne  and her lovely family, the only problem was, time went too quick again! 

We made a trip to Geelong on Sunday to fellowship with my home church, catch up with close family friends then a very last minute stop at the Geelong show 1 hour before it shut, which we got in for free and quickly grabbed the kiddies a couple of show bags each for fun.

In between all this we are reading ~ 

An Island Story
The wonderland of nature
Trial & Triumph
The complete adventures of Blinky Bill (Gracie RA AO1)
The Jungle Book (Joshua RA AO3)
Grimm's Fairy tales (Gracie AO1)
The Magicians Nephew (Family RA)
Vikings Tales
Pilgrims Progress unabridged
Seabird (Holling)
Leif the Lucky
Leonardo Da Vinci
The children of the new forest

Joshua is buddy reading The three musketeers and Grace is reading Amelia Bedelia.

We continue with MEP maths, spelling wisdom, phonics, primary language lessons, artistic pursuits, SOTW, Jeannie Fulbrights exploring creation with astronomy, nature study sketches, folk songs, and listen to a number of beautiful composers.

That's about it for now! 

Love Sarah


  1. Hey Sarah! So happy for you that you are getting out and about in Melbourne! I love Melbourne in the summer! Sounds like you are reading some wonderful books with the children too - don't you love good books! I just spied the HE Marshall book on your other post...am off to hunt for a copy now! We are loving Our Island Story so I'm sure this one will be great too. Mel x

  2. I can hear the excitement and joy in your post:)
    Continue to enjoy Melbourne!
    We also have family there and in Ballarat.

  3. I have only ever been to Melbourne for work which means a very quick in and out and my view of Melbourne has never been every high. Maybe one day I need to go as a tourist and have a look around. My son and his partner want to move there one day so perhaps if they do I will have a reason to visit.

    PS I took my sons to the Pancake Parlor a few months a go for breakfast and had a wonderful time, it was so much fun first thing in the morning. And, yes we ate too much!!!


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