Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm going on a holiday...

...Not literally, just a holiday from Eternally grateful!

I'm not blogging very well at the moment as my feet are not firmly on the ground with everything going on in our lives...which is a lot!

I don't feel I can keep up with every ones blog at the moment so to be fair I'm leaving for awhile!

God bless you all!


  1. Hope all goes well with you and the family, so you can feel on top of things.
    I usually don't know I'm taking a break from my blog till after I look back at x number of weeks and find I just haven't gotten around to it LOL

  2. Blogging is fun but life is soooo much more important! Keeping up with other peoople's blogs is very time consuming and can be addictive, yet we all know that no one comes to visit unless we do the same. This is the twist of blogging.
    A wise woman builds her house.
    God bless you and yours, Sarah! xo

  3. Oh Sarah, I just blogged today after a long absence and came over to yours for a visit as I've been so busy of late. I understand though and I know that you are such a faithful follower on my blog and many others that we mutually follow! I'm sorry that no one has been visiting including myself:( enjoy your break and I'll miss you in blog land, I surely will!

  4. Do keep in touch, my friend. I will miss you.

  5. HI Sarah! We have been so busy with getting ready for our 4 month camping trip that I was blogging to keep track of my days but not visiting very much! Even that got a little crazy so I understand about taking a quick break. I hope we get to see you again soon when things settle down! Hugs.

  6. Thanks guys, I sound a bit sorry for myself, but i'm not, I just need to reevaluate my priorities! It's just one of those FULL ON seasons as I know each and every person has! God is faithful and good! xxx

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  8. a break can be a breath of fresh air:-)

  9. Will miss you, but enjoy joy break:). Everyone needs a break from time to time. Look forward to your return when you are ready.

    In Gods grace and precious care



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