Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Jewel Beetle

For our nature studies we are reading from 'The wonderland of Nature' and this week the chapter was all about beetles. The children and I were quite captivated about this tiny little bug. We learnt that the Jewel Beetle (which I had never heard of before) often get mistaken in their Larvae stage as witchetty grubs.

I mean who would think that such an ugly grub would become such a splendor of brilliant colors?

Well it was only five minutes after we had finished reading that the children had found the above beetle outside of the place we are staying at.

Joshua was quick to say "I think this is a jewel beetle" and I was just awe struck..seriously!

You just never know what the wind will blow in, but I know who controls the wind!
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  1. So beautiful...unless it is crawling on my neck!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love Wonderland of nature too:)

  3. Amazing! Love your last statement. I have never heard of "Wonderland of Nature". I am off to look it up.

  4. How amazing is that! After your studies, God sends you a live specimen to admire. Love it!

  5. That beetle is beautiful! Never thought I'd say that about a beetle! That is amazing that you found one right after studying about it!

  6. How amazing. Another one of Gods incredible creatures.

  7. Love that last line of how nature can surprise us and God delights us.

  8. I am so glad you got see see a jewel beetle! How incredibly stunning. We loved the Wonderland of Nature in our house last year - enjoy!

  9. Sarah, that's amazing! How incredible that your son found it so soon after you read about it. I bet that made his day! We love the Wonderland of Nature here too. x

  10. Oh...I love this! Amazing, truly amazing.
    Sarah, I had lost your blog but I saw you at Jeanne's so now I gotcha!
    I love the new look of your blog too, so YOU.


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