Monday, May 30, 2011


Hi lovelies!

Just to let you know over the weekend I visited a few of your blogs and was unable to comment, I am not sure why yet.

Anyway, we are on the move again to Newcastle :-S!

We are very excited about this opportunity as we have never really been to this area, we have been through a number of times but have never stopped.

Today I am excited but also am going to miss my brothers and sisters in Christ immensely at the Morwell community church. They are a real family and embraced me and my little family with arms wide open. 

I love them and will miss them so very much.

Once again I am reminded that I am never alone through every season, my God never leaves or forsakes us.

Emmanuel - God is with us!

'This is my story,
this is my song,
Praising my saviour,
all the day long'

- Fanny Crosby

I just love the old hymns!

Anyway I am off to go and hang the washing out in this beautiful sunshine, which is the 2nd time we have had sunshine in 5 weeks! 

Praise God for the sun and the Son!


  1. I was just thinking of you this morning Sarah! wow, that's exciting! how long will you be in Newcastly for? maybe we can meet up sometime?
    I've had issues too with commenting but googled and found a way around it. sign it with your url instead of google a/c and it works, hth:)

  2. Sarah, have a wonderful time.

    I am commenting for the first time in weeks. Lots of reading to catch up on.

  3. Enjoy where ever you go, I've never been to Newcastle so looking forward to "traveling" with you!

    I also love the old hymns, don't you thing they have such a strong personal meaning that modern hymns have missing.

  4. Sounds like you're all ready for your next adventure.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!


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