Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here today!

Hey there folks,

How you going?

If you don't already know we are away from our home town all year this year. The children and I are following my hubby around Victoria for different jobs. Each job keeps us in a certain township for about 5-7 weeks. 

I am so grateful that we chose homeschooling 10 years ago when I had no idea what journey laid ahead for us. Actually I should rephrase that and say I am so thankful that we heeded to the voice of our Lord and saviour when He called us to home school, for it's no shock to Him what happens in our lives. 

It's so important to be surrendered to Jesus and His ways. It's so easy to listen to your own voice and the voices of others instead of being still and hearing the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit. 

As a Christian it is vital for me to know my Shepherd's voice and go where He leads. He has the map, the destination, the plan, the purpose, after all I am here to glorify and to enjoy Him. 

Wherever we go I make an active choice to live life to the max. 

We not only go to church, we get involved, we offer our services and surrender our will again to Jesus. 

"Better is one day in your courts 
   than a thousand elsewhere; 
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God 
   than dwell in the tents of the wicked."
~Psalm 84:10

Also this year I felt a peace to get my children involved in dance classes. My 10yo son is enjoying learning hip hop and my 6yo daughter is enjoying classical and jazz this term. They both smile the whole way through, it's just delightful. I am not placing them in dance to perform for others or to please a crowd, but for a different experience, to meet different people and exercise in a fun way.

Life really is a pilgrimage. It's challenging, difficult, exciting and adventurous. 

Who really wants to stay in Egypt and eat garlic and leek and slave tirelessly, when there is a path that is leading to a land flowing with milk and honey?

I sure don't!

At first it's an effort to step out of the boat, to do something a different way than the majority of people. It's hard to swim upstream like salmon whilst all the other fish around you are going down stream. 

It's a step of faith!

And what is faith ~ 

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, 
the evidence of things not seen"
~ Heb 11:1

So basically you can't see all that is going to happen, but to grow and go forward as a Christian it takes faith, trust and an understanding of the one who's ways are not our ways and who's thoughts are not our thoughts. 

Walking by faith and not by sight and pleasing the Lord is so much more exciting than settling down for a life that pleases others or your flesh. 

Gods plans are so much greater than our own and I desperately want to know Him more and walk in His ways. 

It's funny, I was only going to post about what we have been doing over the last week, but that inner spring within has emerged and passion has been released.

I pray and hope you are blessed by this post today as I have seriously been considering to leave blog land. Not for any negative reasons, just because I wasn't sure if other bloggers are really following. 

Even though a lot of us don't know each other personally, I think it's important to remain true and real. I just can't stand the thought that someone might drop in here just because they feel they have to. It's much nicer to think you are coming by because you genuinely want to.

Just a bit more honesty there! :-)

Well friends may you have a very pleasant morning, evening or afternoon. Even though it's Saturday we are going to be doing a bit of school today like reading 'Our Island story', 'Parables of nature', some maths and baking and hopefully music practice.

Love you all!

p.s just in case you were wondering the above picture is of my winter scarf that I have been knitting in double rib ~ two purl, two knit.  


  1. Hey, You!

    I drop in here because I want to, not because I have to! Visiting Sarah is a breath of fresh air, and I always feel better once I've seen you. Funny how that works both online as well as IRL!! You have such a positive outlook on life, and I always enjoy your perspective on 'stuff'.

    I'm glad the kids are doing dance. It is a great way for them to meet other kids too.

    Your knitting looks great.

    Too much to write about on this post. I'll try to message you.

    Love to all,


  2. When I saw your new post I was excited because I've been missing you!

    I appreciated your encouragement about "swimming upstream" as Christians. Obeying the Lord in homeschooling has been a blessed journey for me, but also a challenging and a loooooong journey. Thank you for your timely inspiration!

  3. oh Sarah, I hope you know that I eagerly await reading your posts because I WANT to know what's going on in your world and I love what you have to say! I was looking forward to meeting you in real life if you moved up this way but sadly not this time as you are travelling in Victoria from what I gather? Anyway, I love hearing from you and what you share on blog land and wanted you to know that! much love, Rosemary.
    p.s. dance is great! it has helped my dd (who is in her third year of it) gain confidence in performing publicly which has helped bring her out of her shell immensely and also she just LOVES and ENJOYS it so much! not to mention the social aspect of it too. So glad your kids are doing dance and I look forward to hearing more about it from you in the future:)

  4. It must be very interesting to be traveling around, what a great way to learn for your children. You are quite right, some times God directs us to do something that doesn't make sense at the time, but later on, it all falls into place. Homeschooling now must make a lot of sense.

    Enjoy your journey and I can't wait to hear more:)

  5. So glad to hear from you and that all is well. Very encouraging words, indeed! The sheep know His voice and listen. Homeschooling has been a blessing to us as well. No turning back for us either. I pray that you continue to follow where He leads. (And don't give up blogging!)

  6. OH Sarah! What a lovely post.I have been encouraged by this post a lot. I have a friend that needs to read this post too. She doesn't blog but I will send her in to be encouraged as well. She is on a traveling journey with her husband as well.

    How lovely that the children are enjoying dance.

    What a lovely scarf. I wish I knew how to knit.

    I am sorry I haven't been able to peak in here this past week. We have been doing a little business travel as well and also blogger wasn't doing updates.

  7. I'm here also because I want to be... not because of any type of pressure.

    I haven't been in blogland for awhile. Totally forgot to check my feed reader for over 2 weeks, until this morning. The house was quiet and warm with the heater on. I'd checked emails, AH and FB...and I just felt like I wanted to read some favourite blogs :)

    I love your honesty!

  8. Hey Sarah!

    Great to hear you're all having a good time away and able to get involved with the local church - that's excellent!

    God is good and He guides our steps when we put our trust in Him! I'm sure the people around you are being blessed by you and your beautiful family.

    Love reading your blogs!!!


  9. What an exciting journey you and your family are on. May God guide you on this year long trip and I can imagine it will bring much joy.

  10. Thanks for sharing from your heart and more than you have planned. Very encouraged by your post. Thanks again Sarah... you are trully an inspiration. :)


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