Monday, March 28, 2011

Enjoying the simple pleasures

This is the main Mallacoota wharf and I was
trying to spot my son from our balcony.
I dropped him down to do some of his
favourite pastime ~ fishing
I personally think he loves the social
hour with all the other fishermen.

While I was looking out to the wharf these
three most delightful yellow tailed black
cockatoos flew straight over me and
landed in the pine tree.

Then I walked around the corner and my heart
was warmed by Joshua's Minature 'Ruby' Rose.

As I was uploading the pictures I found this
little cutie showing off her first front
tooth coming out.

Before I came downstairs I snapped a shot of my washing...
you know folded washing makes me happy :-)

We are all very excited to of discovered two new
bunches of bananas growing in our courtyard.
Such a simple blessing!

All our citrus trees are in fruit this
is our Orange tree.

Not far from the Orange tree is this majestic Hibiscus...
Isn't she beautiful?

Here is the biggest watermelon we have ever grew here
on the East Coast of Victoria.

What a beauty!!!

Simple Pleasures  ~ CC

There's three stages of our lives...
we're born, we live, we die.
We can't change their sequence
not matter how we try.

The time that we are given
will eventually be gone.
We should be grateful for the gift
of each arriving dawn.

Store the memories of this life;
place them in your heart.
The day is fast approaching
when we will each depart.

Most of us have memories
of families, loves, and friends.
Treasure them unto yourself...
perhaps make some amends.

Take a walk along the beach,
breathe in the fresh salt air.
Feel the wind upon your face
while blowing back your hair.

See GOD'S colors on HIS trees;
each Autumn HE displays.
While you enjoy the view
take time to give HIM praise.

Life is simple... when examined...
not really complicated.
Often what we strive to have
is grossly overrated.

Some of us will spend our lives
building up a name.
Chosen goals of many are
prestige, wealth, and fame.

Goals we set in life determine
paths that we must take.
To insure success in each
there's choices we must make.

Spending time pursuing goals
may come at a great cost.
Often when they're realized,
our time here could be lost.

Use your time with wisdom;
inventory gifts bestowed.
Live each day with gratitude,
before our lives erode.

I submit, we all have gifts...
far above the worldly treasures.
Consider what we now possess...
GOD'S own simple pleasures.


  1. What a beautiful poem - and it follows such lovely pictures! I can't imagine looking out my balcony to that lovely wharf! or having yellow tailed black
    cockatoos perched in a tree in front of me! or banannas! or hibiscus! And of course toothless children, I can imagine, but am none-the-less smiling at that picture!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful world!

  2. Hi Sarah, wow that's some watermelon! And bananas too...they are selling for over $13 a kilo here at the moment! :0 Fishing on the wharf sounds like great fun. We have one who loves to fish too. I love folded washing - especially if someone else folds it for me! And the toothless grin - very cute! xx

  3. That's beautiful, all those are beautiful! :):):)

  4. Thanks for all those photos, certainly a large watermelon, they haven't been very nice this year, not very sweet. Lovely poem:)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I love that you have bananas growing. One of our favourite fruits that we are missing out on recently.

    Folded washing always makes me feel better too.

  6. Toothless grin, very cute!
    Bananas, what do they taste like again? it's been ages!:)
    Loved the poem too!

  7. Thanks for popping by today and leaving a comment....what a lovely post and thats an awesome poem.


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