Friday, September 10, 2010

Knitting expedition

Garter Stitch Scarf

During the week that I miscarried, my Mother came down with all her wool to again teach me how to knit. Since I was unable to move, knitting became very therapeutic and relaxing.  My first attempt was a scarf for my son, and two weeks ago I completed my first scarf, and I felt a great sense of achievement and I love that my son loved the scarf and I think he looks very handsome with it on.

Stocking stitch scarf

Finding a wool that you absolutely love makes knitting so much more enjoyable. I fell in love when I laid eyes on this wool and it is delightful to knit with. I am knitting my daughters scarf in a stocking stitch for I think it leans more to the feminine side.

Even though Spring is now here and we will be feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, pulling out our skirts and getting around in our thongs (well I will anyway) I will continue to knit, because another Winter will soon be at our doors and knitting continues to be a great way to relax.


  1. I'm loving the yarn you're using for Gracie's Scarf, and Josh's is just fantastic. I can see why he loves it!

    Clever you, mastering a new skill!

  2. oh how lovely! I love the yarn for your dd's scarf and your son's scarf looks great!I can imagine knitting being therapeutic, I just wish I had someone to teach me:(
    I was just over at Jeanne's blog and said it was on my to do list for the near future, I feel like I'm missing out on something by not knowing how to knit:)


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