Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nana's 94th and remembering the Anzacs!

My Nana - Violet, who is my Mum's mother was born (as a twin) on Anzac day 1916, a year after WW1! Nana was one of twelve children and she and her twin sister Rose took sixth place in the line.

My Nana's Mother was apparently a very very hard woman whilst her father was very gentle and soft. I don't know a lot of my Nana's childhood, but I am learning more and more as I continue to ask questions.

My Nana married at the age of 21 to a cabinet maker who also worked on a farm. Together they had six children, four girls and two boys. My Mum was the fourth born and I think she was aged two when her Dad passed away.

My Nana raised 6 children from the ages twelve to 6 months (is that right Auntie Betty?) all on her own.

I asked Nana one day "why did you never marry again" and she answered "I didn't want another man bossing my children around and washing his socks". 

My Nana came to the Lord some time after her husband passed away, it is one testimony that deserves a whole post on it's own, but just quickly, the Lord Jesus visited my Nana and she says she was standing in her bedroom and she felt the Saviours hand on her shoulder. There is a lot more and I will share another day.

My Nana is one very special lady and the Lord has blessed her so much as she is still right in her mind and has a terrific memory at the age of 94.

I love Nana and am so grateful for the legacy she has passed on down the generations. Today is the first time in 30 years that I am not able to meet with the rest of my relatives to celebrate my Nana's birthday.

I do wish I was there.

My Mum's Grandmother was pregnant with my Mum's Dad when my Mum's Grandfather was at war on the shores of Gallipoli.

In most of yours and my history I am sure we can all trace a family member who bravely went to war.

It is so important to remember the courage and sacrifice that our our ANZAC'S portrayed and to celebrate the freedom that we have today that came from the gruesome battle. We have true freedom from Jesus the Christ who took our sins.
We remember today our nations men who left this country for the future generations (us) and there families knowing that they may never return.

We honor the wives who were left behind.

Lest We Forget.


  1. Hi Sarah! What a gorgeous picture of the two of you together. She (Violet) sounds like an absolute treasure! I laughed out loud at her reason for not marrying again!!LOL.

  2. A very haoot birthdat to to your Nan. I'm sure she has lots of stories to tell from her long, interesting life!

    We will remember them. Today and into the future. Lest we forget.

  3. I love the photo of you with your precious Nan.

    Lest we forget.

  4. Dear Sarah,

    What a lovely post and priceless picture of the two of you. I can't wait to hear more about her. Your post brought back some of my own memories with my grandma.

  5. Hey Sarah!

    Great post on our Nanna. What an inspirational, courageous woman she is ... and I find her reason for not marrying again is so admiral and selfless.

    Our family history is an interesting one as we're learning more about it every day hey!

    Remembering those who died for us to have freedom in this country is something we should never take for granted.

    Loved the post!


  6. I can't wait to hear more of your Nana's story - I do hope you'll post it! I have always told my own husband if anything were to happen to him, I WOULD NOT remarry. (For many of the same reasons!) Though there are several children I love that are not my own, I do not love them as my own. I can't. I know that no one except my husband and I can love our children the way we love them. To expect that from someone else, or to force it on my children, in my mind is unfair (to both parties!) This is just my own personal opinion. I do not think poorly of those who choose differently, I just wouldn't if I were presented with the situation.

    I need to read more about Australia's history! This blogging on Anzac has my curiosity peaked!

  7. Sarah, I read your post yesterday but didn't have time to comment then:)
    Love the pic and the story of your Nana.
    I always feel at a loss when others talk about their grandparents as all four of mine died when I was very very little and have no recollection of them at all!
    However, I am starting to understand what that special relationship is like by watching my dd with her grandparents, it truly is a God ordained special relationship and am so glad you have that!

  8. So beautifully put Sarah, my Mum would be proud of you for honouring her, as well as our soldiers who fought for our freedom..but most of all for declaring the true HERO..Jesus..who has paid the ultimate price for our everlasting life..
    ps.Don was actually only 9, when our Dad died.


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