Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear friends...

...Have you noticed that I have put my foot on the blogging brakes lately? Sometimes I feel guilty for missing so many of your posts that I want to read but just haven't been able to.

Please forgive me!

I miss my blogging friends and this awesome network which has been such a blessing to me, and I know you understand times of just not being able to blog due to extra reasons. I do have extra reasons which I will let out of the hat in a few weeks, so I really hope you will be around.

I think I just need to know that you haven't forgotton me, for I certainly haven't forgotten you!

Thank you again for following my blog and for commenting on my posts in the past, I appreciate you so much.

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Sarah , i so think blogging is such a seasonal thing! I had noticed you had been quieter lately. Looking forward to your news!
    Luv Donna

  2. I have missed you posts for sure, Sarah. I also understand the need to have breaks. I have cut my bhlogging down by about half this year. It has really taken the pressure off actually.
    I am looking forward to your big reveal, about which you know we are all sitting at our computers driving outselves crazy guessing the possibilites! You know that or you wonouldn't have mentioned it a couple of times! Grrrr... You should be a suspense writer :-)

  3. I'm not going anywhere and am looking forward to hearing about what's going on in your life!:)

  4. Hi Sarah,

    You know we'll still be here when you make it back. Enjoy your time doing that mysterious thing your doing! :)

  5. Ooh, I love a good mystery!

    I agree with Donna, blogging is seasonal. I've enjoyed some time out from blogging too this year, and I'm still taking it slow. Real life is the priority after all :)

    Love to you, have a great week.

    Mel xx

  6. I definately have seasons when I pull back form blogging too. xo

  7. Hi Sara,
    yea, I've been a bit too busy to blog too of late!
    I look forward to hearing your news when you're ready to share it though:)

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Missing you, but looking forward to hearing your "good news" when you're ready to share it. :)

    Have a wonderful week,
    Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

  9. It's so lovely to hear from you...thank you for stopping by and for understanding! Sounds like a few of us have our blog brakes on at the moment!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    It's so nice to hear from you. I totally understand being busy and away from blogland, I have had my share of it this last month. Don't worry, we will be here waiting to hear from you soon, when you have the time to come back. Can't wait to hear an update. May God's riches blessings be yours today.

  11. Sarah,
    Thank you for the post! I completely understand. Blogging takes so much time and I have not had the time I used to myself. I was so excited to see you had a post today. I do look forward to hearing from you again. I promise I hadn't forgotten about you. But, I haven't been my usual blogging self lately either. I had to laugh the other day....I was fixing Italian type dishes for almost and entire week. I thought to myself....too bad Sarah doesn't live closer, we could enjoy this food together! (Because of course, deep down, we are both Italian at heart, no?!) Have a great rest of the week!

  12. I'm with Ruby in waiting for the "great reveal" lol

    Although I will probably be weeks behind in learning about it as I have been away from the blogosphere for well over a month!

    Blogging is great and a wonderful way to connect... but real life is even better!

    Bless ya,


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