Monday, February 1, 2010

What I am reading and what's next on my shelf!

Recently I just finished 'Become a better you' by Joel Osteen, which would have to be one of the most encouraging books I have ever read. I highly reccomend this book!

Right now I am reading 'The prayer of Jabez for Woman'. I think it was about 8 years ago when I first read just 'The prayer of Jabez' and received the revelation from the prayer and I know that God heard my hearts cry and truly did enlarge our territory. This book I picked up in our local antique shop for $3 and I was stoked. It's a powerful read!

Max Lucado's 'Fearless' I began to read before Christmas, but am only half way through. This book hasn't been (in my opinion) the best he has written, but the content is all truth and a stepping stone to pushing past any fears in your life.

Books next in line are ~

My research and study books are ~

I have been reading 'A Charlotte Mason Companion' over the last year and am only half way through! Karen writes so much, I tend to go back over alot until I truly grasp what she has written.
Mathematics has always interested me and I was so pleased to find this book!
Acoustic guitar is another one of my passions! I began teaching myself at the age of 16 with books. This beautiful study book I brought mainly for the history content about how the acoustic guitar was birthed! I have scheduled more music time into our homeschooling this year, so I am really hoping it works!

Last but certainly not least, 'The Love Dare' is sitting on my shelf and soon I am going to start. I have been holding off maybe because the selfish/fleshly side in me is stopping me! Let me tell you my conscience is very much alive and the Holy Spirit whispers in my heart every now and then saying "The Love Dare" and my spirit says "yes Lord", and my flesh says "umm, when I'm ready"! We all know God's timing is better than our timing. Really, I am looking forward to allowing the Lord to work in my life!


  1. Wow! What a huge list of fascinating and varied books. Can't wait for your reviews!!

  2. Please let me know how you find Victoria Osteen's book. I would be interested in hearing her story.
    I am so poor at reading lately. I just can't seem to finish a book let alone start one!

  3. I wrote a comment but it seems to have disapperrd. :(

  4. oh what! Can you write it again? Please!!!

  5. I love reading! My question is how do you find time to read them all?????

    Thanks for your encouraging comments. xo

  6. February is a great month to start the love dare. My friend calls it the love month! :)
    Someday I am going to read the real Charlotte Mason books too! Someday. Hopefully before my children are all grown up - ha!
    I hope you have a great week!

  7. That's a pretty hefty list you've got there. I think I'll puck up that Joel Osteen book. And I'm interested to see what you think about Raising Real Men, I haven't read that one yet, but I do love this topic.

  8. The love dare is sitting on my shelf too. I loved the movie but haven't put it on my to-do list yet I guess. Thanks for the book recommendations! I'm always looking for good reads. :)

  9. I gave the Love Dare to my husband for Christmas this year but have only completed 15 days. I have to say, it's not one I think you can do all in a row. One, some of the dares require a bit of planning and I think time to chew on...if you know what I mean. It has opened my eyes to the fact that I am a selfish person and that I want my husband to love a selfish person. (You know when I start to think, "I just don't understand why he won't do this, this and this for me..." Why am I the only one who gets to have those thoughts? I would love to read the Prayer of Jabez for Women...I have been on a Jabez mission now for 48 days. God is truly working in my prayer life in AMAZING ways!! Thank you for the book reviews. Just wish I had more time to read!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    That's about a year's reading for my son, and for me, too, I might add!

    Joel Osteen is one of my favourite preachers. :)

    Have a great week,

  11. Thank you for listing those books, I look forward to reading Joel Osteens book. Have a great day. Tara.


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