Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All about teeth!

Home School Freebie of the Day has a very cute ebook all about teeth which you might still get if you head over there now!

I think this is a great tool to encourage our littlies to brush there teeth with the knowledge of why we need to keep out tooth-ee-pegs nice and clean!

By the way, homeschool freebie of the day have some real cool ebooks, if you sign up here you can be sure to be blessed with the ebooks they find!

Cheers...have an awesome day with your gifts ~ children!


  1. HeeHee What a funny little book! Will you use it with your kiddiwinks, do you think?

  2. I downloaded this e-book too Sarah. Looks like a goody hey.

  3. Thank you for this post. I have to admit, that today I truly appreciated my blessings (i.e. children) mainly because I didn't get to spend the day with them! I substitute teach from time to time and today I was in the schools. My how I miss my little ones when I'm not around them. (I'm really not looking forward to next year when I have to send the oldest off for a whole day!) It's crazy, then they drive me nuts and I finally get a break from them, all I can think about is when will I get to see them again? I think it is just the curse of motherhood....what do you think?


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