Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh Why, Oh Why am I in love with all things Italian?

Right now I am having quite a few thoughts raging through my brain regarding why I am infatuated with the Italian culture.

An Italian couple have just booked into the only Delxue Studio apartment that I had available for two nights. They happen to be having there honeymoon and oh my goodness my stomach is doing flips with excitement.

I gave them a complementary bottle of very good red vino local to Echuca (VIC) to congradulate them on there marriage.

Why am I so exicited?

Then she goes on to tell me she also has five apartments on her residence, so already we have something in common. But I feel I have alot more in common with them and I just cannot put my finger on it!

I sometimes wonder if one of my father's real parents were Italian, we don't know my Dad's real parents, they gave him away as a tiny little baby and we have never known anyone from Dad's side.

Yes, I do wonder about his parents, if there are other children, cousins etc, and yes I would love to know!

Anyway, I am just sharing what is going on in my mind right now.

Also I was asking myself the question - why am I doing Spanish and not Italian, should the children & I be doing Italian since I have this passion or should I stick with Spanish for a couple of years, then do Italian?

What do you think?

P.S I know, I know I have changed my blog background 'again'! But I love this one better, and that Turquoise is my favourite color! Hope you don't mind! :-)


  1. Love the blog background! Love the Italian too. I think I have mentioned it before but my father in law is Italian. He has the beautiful deep rolling voice. One of my daughters and I tried a short Italian course. She went okay. I was hopeless....I am not good with language! Some of my kids have done a little Spanish. I think they are both great in the vowel department comapared to English.

  2. Your blog looks beautiful! Do you decorate with your favorite colors, too?

    Being of Norwegian desent, I find myself attracted to other Scandinavians. I notice their hair color, their facial features and find myself drawn to them because they look like relatives!

  3. I love the new background!!' I live changing the background for my blog I think it's a creative thing! Are you near euchuca? I am going down there in may and if you are near there I might pop in and meet you in real life :)
    luv Donna

  4. Had to visit my new commentor! I traveled around your blog a bit today and truly enjoyed myself! I too am a lover of things Italian! I would love to visit the country someday. I think I'm intruiged because of the romance that always seems to be associated with the culture. I'm a romantic deep down, but don't tell anyone! Thank you for popping by my blog! I look forward to visiting again!

  5. This makes me SMILE!
    I like your blog design too!

  6. I love the colors of your blog . . . especially the turquoise. :)

  7. hello there, i just found your blog and i really like it. i adore turquoise and all things italian as well. my two favorite countries to have ever travelled are italy and australia. cheers.

  8. Well....I personally LOVE the background!! Isn't it fabulous?!?!? I love Italian things; food; decor; architecture; MEN!!!!

  9. Hey Raelynn...yes, yes, yes, adore the background and thanks to you for choosing it first! Hope you don't!

    Cheers mate! :-)

  10. I love your new theme - looks ...well...'Sarahish' somehow. It suits you!

    I think you should be studying Italian. Spanish will be a good intro though - perhaps you can do it second!!


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