Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A book review before 'the' book review!

Did you know that I discovered a book shop in Merimbula which I never knew existed?

Actually this bookshop extended their range, and I just didn't know about it.

Anyhow, I got lost in this shop browsing through books, not really looking for anything in particular, nor was I going to buy anything, unless a book just jumped off the shelf and into my loving arms, then yes I would certainly consider it.

Well the book 'Lost! A True Tale from the Bush didn't exactley jump into my arms, but the cover completely captivated me and I picked it up and was left breathless at all the remarkable images on every page I turned.

In August 1864, three children––Isaac aged nine, Jane seven, and Frank
just three––survived for nine long days and eight cold winter nights in the
desolate mallee scrub of the Wimmera District of western Victoria. They walked for
nearly 100 kilometres with no food or shelter and very little water. Against all the odds, the
children were finally found, very ill but alive.
This is their inspiring story.

I walked out of the bookshop with such excitement and delight with this book in my hands!

This is one of our read alouds for this term in AO3 which covers Australian History, literature and art appreciation.

Just couldn't wait to share this book with you!

Have any of you read this true story?


  1. That one sounds like a winner Ms. Sarah, I'll have to add it to my Amazon list. Hope your holidays were warm and cozy!
    lots of love,

  2. Sounds like an amazing story Sarah - and there's nothing better than an inspirational true story like that one. No, I haven't heard of it but it sure looks interesting.

  3. Ah I see you found out how ti do the signature , looks great!!
    Luv Donna

  4. Sounds like a terrific read Sarah! I wonder, as you read it, if you think you could let me know if you think it's suitable for kids aged 5-8 for a read a loud please? I'm sorry I can't remember how old your kids are but if it sounds like a great family read a loud! Have s blessed day! Love lusi xxx

  5. Hi Sarah,
    It sounds like a wonderful book. :)

    Your signature looks great, too.

    Have a delight-filled week,

  6. Haven't heard of it but am wishing right now it was on our bookshelf for our 2month look at Australia Feb/March... will have to start looking for a copy! :o)


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